Who Is Ryland Hauser? Son Of Cole Hauser

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Who Is Ryland Hauser? Son Of Cole Hauser

Ryland Hauser is the eldest son of American actor Cole Hauser. He was born in the year 2004.

He is currently studying in University. His mom’s name is Cynthia Daniel

He has two younger siblings, Colt and Steely Rose. He is an American citizen by nationality. 

His grandparents are Wings Hauser and Cass Warner.

Family of Ryland Hauser.
Family of Ryland Hauser. Source: Instagram

About Ryland‘s Father Cole

Cole is an actor. He is well known for his role in the 1997 movie Good Will Hunting as Billy McBride

Also, he is known for his portrayal as Rip Wheeler in the series Yellowstone

He was born in the year 1975 to his parents, Cass Warner and Wings Hauser

He grew up with his four siblings. 

Parents of Ryland Hauser.
Parents of Ryland Hauser. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Cole is married to his wife, Cynthia Daniel, an actress.  

Cole and Cynthia started dating in the 90s, and since then, they have been inseparable. The couple tied the knot in 2006

They welcomed their first child, son Ryland, in 2004 before their marriage. 

Then, two years after their marriage, Cynthia gave birth to their second son, Colt, and in 2013, they became parents to their third child daughter Steely Rose.

Ryland Hauser's with his father and siblings.
Ryland Hauser's with his father and siblings. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Ryland is currently 19 years old. His father has a net worth of $8 Million

Cole Participated In Car Racing

Years back, Cole was seen participating in Toyota Grand Prix Celebrity car racing

In the interview with Queen Latifah, he talked about his car racing experience and said he got hit by another car. 

He was well dressed for the car race and was driving his Toyota when another actor ran him over. 

He was going 90 miles an hour in the race, and as he got run over, his car hit the wall, and he got out of the racing track. 

However, he couldn’t accept defeat, so he returned to the racing and ended up in fifth place. 

He also talked about the horns of the Toyota car, which makes an annoying sound, and because of that, it gets weird when he tries to honk for the fans. 

Cole Helping Children 

Cole is a talented actor known for his appearance in Yellowstone

He is a great actor and human being, as he works with an organization to help children who have lost their parents. 

He has been involved with the Special Warrior Foundation, which helps kids. 

The organization's whole motive is to give the kids a second chance by providing educational scholarships. 

Cole is personally proud and happy to be part of a helping organization, and he thinks that getting involved with charity and helping kids in need is his way to do something good for the nation. 

Cole Surprised Drake

Cole’s character, Rip, a cowboy in the Yellowstone series, has earned him a huge fan following. 

The show was a complete hit, and it got huge fans. Drake, a famous rapper and singer, is also a big fan of the show. 

Cole was told by one of the friends named Jake that Drake was a big fan of Yellowstone

Cole was surprised when he heard that, but then his friend told him that Drake wanted a pair of boots from him. 

He asked if Drake knew how to ride a horse, but then his friend said that Drake wanted Cole to wear a boot and ride the horse and send that boot to Drake for his birthday. 

Cole did what his friend told him and surprised Drake by sending him a pair of boots for his birthday.

Cole Didn’t Expect His Character To Be Heart Throb

Cole nailed his role in the series Yellowstone

He got immediately into the Rip Wheeler character as he was attracted to the darkness and cruelty that Rip held. 

Also, he liked the passion between Beth and Rip and the different aspects of the characters, so he got interested in the character in no time. 

His appearance made him popular among the fans, and he has been the heartthrob for the fans, which was completely unexpected. 

He never thought people would love his looks in the series, but fans did find his looks attractive. 

Many of his fans even dressed like his character during Halloween, which was terrific, and when he gets seen by the people, they call him by his character name. 

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