Who Is Sabrina Canale? Wife Of David Leland

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Sabrina Canale is the wife of British director, screenwriter, and filmmaker David Leland, who came to the limelight after his directorial debut Wish You Were Here in 1987

They share four kids altogether. Her husband passed away at the age of 82. She has six grandchildren.

Her Husband, David, Died On December 24

His agents, Casarotto Ramsay and Associates, announced David's passing. 

David is known for his contribution to the film and television industry. 

He is known for his works like Wish You Were Here, The Borgias, and Band of Brothers

He died at 82, and the cause of his death has not been revealed yet. 

He took his last breath on Christmas Eve, and family surrounded him during his final moment. 

Sabrina Canale's late husband, David Leland.
Sabrina Canale's late husband, David Leland. Source: People


Her husband, David, was 82 years old at his death.

Net Worth

Her husband, David's net worth was estimated at $18 million

David Talked About Making Made In Britain

David wrote a 1982 television play called Made in Britain, which Alan Clarke directed. 

He shared that film producer Margaret Matheson asked her to write a quartet of movies about young people and education for central television. 

Made in Britain was the last of the four films. 

He said the main character, Trevor, was an intelligent and aggressive young man who was skinhead and wore his attitude. 

He said the character knew his fate from the beginning, so he had only one choice: to go to it on his terms. 

He said Tim Roth did a great job portraying Trevor despite being his first film performance. 

Every part and cast in the movie were done with precision. 

He added that acting was the most challenging part of all the jobs. 

He said Alan understood that he needed a good actor to get better results, so he got the best in British actors. 

He said Bill Stewart, Geoffery Hutchings, and Eric Richard's performance proved how good they were as an actor

His film was the first to make the used to Steadicam. He said that gave the fluidity of movement. 

David Was A Trained Actor

David received acting training from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He was part of a group of teachers and students who broke away to build the Drama Center London before moving into the stage of management and directing. 

He had minor roles in many movies in the 1970s

He had a brief career as a stage and screen actor. He did not quit his acting career altogether. 

He had screen appearances on the Golden Gordon episode of Plain and Jones Ripping Yarns as an angry manager in the TV adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and he also starred in Terry Gilliam's epic fantasy Time Bandits

David Found His Taste In Directing 

After playing a minor part in films, he found his interest and talent in directing. 

He directed the world premiere of Michael Palin and Terry Jones's short plays, The Finest Hours, Sheffield, and at the Crucible Theatre in 1976.

He collaborated with British director Alan Clarke in 1981

He wrote the dram Made in Heaven, which was a successful production for ITV in 1982 despite being controversial. 

He directed a wartime comedy-drama, Wish You Were Here, in 1987 and won a BAFTA for the best original screenplay. 

I wish you were there. It was his directorial debut. 

He also directed an episode of the Band Brothers TV miniseries in 2001, which got an Emmy award for outstanding direction. 

He also directed several episodes of the historical series The Borgias

He directed a documentary Concert for George in 2003, which won a Grammy

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