Who Is Sacha Gervasi? Ex-Partner Of Geri Halliwell

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Who Is Sacha Gervasi? Ex-Partner Of Geri Halliwell

Sacha Gervasi is the ex-partner of English actress, singer, author, and TV personality Geri Halliwell. Sacha himself is a director, screenwriter, and former journalist. 

He is well known for his work in Hitchcock and My Dinner with Herve

He was born in 1966 to his parents, Milli Kosey and Prof. Sean Gervasi

He is an English citizen by nationality. 

Sacha Gervasi's ex-partner and their daughter.
Sacha Gervasi's ex-partner and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Sacha

Sacha is currently married to his spouse, Jessica de Rothschild

The couple tied the knot in 2010 and has been together since then. 

Talking about their kids, In 2021, they welcomed their first child, a daughter, via surrogacy. 

Before his marriage to Jessica, he was in a relationship with Geri

The couple dated in 2005. However, their relationship was too short, as they broke up just six weeks later. 

Although their relationship was short, Geri did end up pregnant by Sacha.

They share a daughter named Bluebell Madonna Haliwalli, born in 2006

Sacha Gervasi with his wife.
Sacha Gervasi with his wife. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Sacha is 57 years old. He has a net worth estimated at $4 Million

Sacha Assaulted His Wife’s friend.

In 2022, Sacha was accused of sexual harassment by his wife’s friend, who also was his ex-girlfriend. 

The report of assault was filed by Diana Lands Nathanson, who claimed that she dated Sacha shortly back in the 90s and then worked as an interior designer in Sacha and his wife’s Hollywood Hills house back in 2014. 

According to Diana, Sacha pinned her down and tried to stick his tongue in her mouth when she went to meet Sacha for a contract. 

She also stated that she was groped by him and assaulted when he worked as a designer for his house. 

She called him a monster; however, Sacha denied all the accusations, saying that he never did that. 

Also, Sacha’s lawyer said that Diana made up the entire story to get millions of dollars from him. 

Two Decades For A Movie 

Sacha is one of the best directors in Hollywood who has managed to make many successful and mind-blowing movies. 

One of his well-known movies is My Dinner with Herve

The movie was released in 2018, and in one of the interviews, Sacha talked about the difficulties he encountered while making the movie. 

The movie was based on the true story of Harve Villechaize, and making a suicidal dwarf movie was not easy for him. 

He cast Peter Dinklage to play Harve, and as Peter had a very different voice, Sacha made sure to hire the best dialect coach. 

The coach worked for a long time with Peter so that he could sound like Harve. Another thing was time.

He spent 20 years in the movie, so the time was precious and essential. 

Have Points Knife On Sacha

Sacha shared his inspiration behind making the movie My Dinner with Harve in an interview with Ryan Seacrest

He met Harve Villechaize back in 1993 when he was working as a journalist

He was sent to the LA for his interview assignments, and that’s when he met Harve

He interviewed him and talked about the fun stuff, and after finishing it, when he was about to leave, he found himself under the knife point. 

Harve pointed a knife at him and told him to stay if Sacha wanted his real-life story. 

It was funny to be pointed out with a knife by a dwarf, but when he saw Harve’s eyes, he got curious about Harve’s life story. 

He realized that Harve wanted him to hear his story. 

Harve told him about everything: the experiment to make him taller, his life, and that’s how he got an incredible story, which he then made into a movie. 

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