Who Is Sal Vulcano Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Sal Vulcano Parents And Partner?

Sal Vulcano is an American improvisational and stand-up comedian, actor, and producer

He is well known for his sketch comedy series "Impractical Jokers." He was born and raised in New York, United States by his parents, Sal Vulcano Sr. and Dianne Fernandez-Vulcano

He has three sisters, Kelly Ann, Diana, and Jenna. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Sal Vulcano and his dad.
Sal Vulcano and his dad. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Sal 

Sal is very private about his personal life, so it's unknown if the comedian has a girlfriend or wife. 

However, there is a rumor that Sal is getting married. 

He was rumored to have married a woman named Francesca Muffaletto. But it's only a rumor as Sal is not married to him.

Age And Net Worth 

Sal is 46 years old. He has a net worth of $7 million. His source of income is comedy.

 Sal Vulcano's mom.
Sal Vulcano's mom. Source: Instagram

Sal Is Scared Of Cats

Sal might be a great comedian and the guy who always seems to smile. But there is something that makes the comedian scared and run away. 

He has a sort of phobia with a bunch of things. Like many people, he has a phobia of heights. Not just height, but also has a phobia of dirt. 

He likes to keep things clean and free from germs. He disagreed that he has a phobia of dirt, but he expressed a low immunity. 

Because of this, he tries to stay away from it. Sal also revealed that his friend’s cat often attacked him. 

Hence, he also ignores the cat as much as he can.

Sal Doesn’t Want People On The Phone

Sal does comedy shows and doesn’t restrict people from taking out their phones in the shows. 

But he revealed that he should restrict the use of phones at the time of shows. 

He saw that phones distracted people and stole their content, as any random person posted it online without permission. 

Also, while shooting from mobile, the people from behind are blocked, and they cannot see the show. 

Sal also expressed that if the use of mobile phones is restricted in the show, his team can earn more money from many sources.

Sal Cannot Replace Joe.

Sal, Joe, and Pete were together in the show Impractical Jokers. The show was known for the same three men. 

But unfortunately, Joe left the show because of personal reasons. The trio was broken. 

People thought that a new comedian would replace the position of Joe, but Sal revealed that it would not happen. 

Sal said that no other person would replace Joe’s legacy. 

He said some special guests are invited to complete the show format, but Joe would not be replaced. 

Sal revealed that many famous comedians were interested in filling Joe's position, but Sal and his team didn’t want anyone in the position.

Sal Couldn’t Let Go Of The Goldfish Gold

Sal had a goldfish as a part of his family. He loved the goldfish very much as the fish was alive with the comedian for six years. 

But after the death of the fish, Sal couldn’t let the fish go. 

He was so emotionally attached to the fish that he couldn’t flush the fish or bury it in the ground. 

He was so helpless, so he kept the fish in the fridge. Sal didn’t want the fish to decompose, so he kept the fish inside the refrigerator. 

But in the winter season, he revealed that he frequently was worried about the fish as it would get too cold inside the fridge. 

In the interview, he was getting very emotional when he started talking about the fish, as he loved that goldfish.

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