Who is Saleh Al-Shehri Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

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Who is Saleh Al-Shehri Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

Saleh Al-Shehri is a professional footballer. He currently plays for the team Al-Hilal in the position of striker

He is also on the national team and plays for Saudi Arabia national team. His parents raised him in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

He was born in the year 1993 and has his birthday on 1st November. He is a Saudi citizen by his nationality.

Saleh Al-Shehri during the match.
Saleh Al-Shehri during the match. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Saleh has remained very private about his personal life, so it is unknown if he has any girlfriend or wife or if he might be single.

Age And Net Worth 

Saleh is 29 years old. The net worth of Saleh is $1.5 Million

Saleh's Injury Kept His Nation On Edge

Saleh has been one of the important aspects because his team Saudi Arabia is in the World Cup 2022.

But his team is going up against a stronger team in the group match, so he is one of the needed players on the team. 

But his injury during a club match kept his country’s team at risk. 

He is supposed to be out from the play for six months or more, so it is the worst news for Saudi National team

But for his club, it is not much of a difference. Without his presence, his club has been continuously winning the matches. 

His teammate even paid tribute to him in one of the matches after scoring the goal. Everyone is hoping for his quick recovery.

Saleh Had His Dream Come True

Saleh had not played in any international matches with the senior Saudi Team before 2020. 

So debuting in the senior national team was a great honor for him. 

He made his debut for the team in the week of his birthday, so he felt special and lucky about it. 

He expressed that as a football player, representing his own country is everyone’s dream. 

As he got to represent his country, he felt his dream had come true. Also, his debut match was great for him. 

He managed to score the goal and get a win for his team. So he got what he always needed and was happy about it.

Saleh Is Going To reveal His Celebration’s Secret.

Every time Saleh scores a goal, he is seen celebrating using his signature sign from his hands. 

He seems to have developed his celebration, and no one except his father knows what it precisely indicates. 

His hand sign is a cross L-shaped sign that seems like a scissor. 

He revealed that his celebration has a specific meaning, a secret between him and his father. 

But he said he would possibly reveal the secret in the coming days. 

He said that after he qualified for the World Cup and got to play for his country, he would share the meaning of his celebration.

Saleh Was Not Let To Play

Saleh was just 19 years old when he got to join the top club of the Portugal league, namely SC Beira-Mar. 

He was not allowed to play in the club's first 4 to 5 matches. He was young and new, so he was benched for the full time. 

But he was allowed to play in one of the matches in the second. 

Although he had less time in the game, he managed to play very well, and he also managed to score a goal. 

This game made his placement permanent in the squad. 

He was brought up in every match after that, and, showing enough of his talent, named him in the starting eleven lists.

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