Sam Butterfield

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Sam Butterfield

Sam Butterfield is the father of an English actor, Asa Butterfield. He was married to Jacqueline Farr, who is a psychologist. 

Sam himself is a copywriter by his profession. He married twice in his life. 

He is an English citizen by his nationality.  He is an artist and mobile application developer also. 

He has four children, Asa, Loxie, Morgan, and Marlie.

Family of Sam Butterfield
Family of Sam Butterfield  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Son Asa Butterfield

Back in time, Asa once dated actress Hailee Steinfield. They both worked together in a movie. 

They met each other for the first time on the set of the movie. However, both of them kept their relationship private at that time. 

They dated secretly and ended their relationship after dating for a short time. 

After that, there was the gossip of Asa dating Nina Dobrev, who is also an actress. 

They both worked on a movie together because of which those rumors flashed out. 

But Asa and Nina never spoke about that matter. Currently, Asa is in a relationship with Ella Purnell.

They have been dating each other since 2015 after working together on a movie. 

They are still together, but that hasn't been revealed about it personally.  

Sam Butterfield former wife Jacqueline Farr with their son Asa Butterfield
Sam Butterfield former wife Jacqueline Farr with their son Asa Butterfield  Source: Instagram

About Asa Butterfield 

Asa is an English actor born on 1 April 1997.  He was born to his parents Sam Butterfield and Jacqueline Farr and raised in London, U.K.  

His dad is a copywriter, and his mum is a psychologist. He has been interested in acting since his childhood and has chosen an acting career. 

He started acting when he was seven years old, and in the year 2007, he played his first-ever movie. 

Before that, he used to play dramas. He has shown his appearance in many movies and series. 

He is well known for his role-play in the Netflix series "Sex Education.

He played the character of Otis, which dragged the attention of audiences towards him. 

He earned success and fame at this young age because of his hard work and dedication. 

Some of the movies played by him are Ender's Game, Hugo, and The Wolfman

Son Asa Butterfield
Son Asa Butterfield  Source: Instagram 


His age is unknown.

Net Worth 

The net worth of son Asa is $5 Million. His source of income is acting. 

The average income of actors is estimated at $40,860 per year. 

Sam's Son Asa Butterfield Is A Gamer Too

Sam's son Asa has earned huge fame and success at a very young age. He is very proud of being the father of such a great actor. 

His son Asa has well played his role and gave his best on it. Everyone knows his son for being a good actor, but many people don't know that Asa is a great gamer. 

When he has free time and no acting schedules, he uses that time playing games. 

His favorite game is Nintendo, and he is quite good at that, so he also got the chance to play in World Championship.

Asa Butterfield Wants Privacy

Asa is one of the actors who has managed to gain fame at this young age. 

He started acting when he was just a kid and now has managed to win millions of fans. 

His role play in Sex Education increased in fandom, and he is also happy to love his fans. 

But he is also pissed off because his fans disturbed his privacy. 

He is under the spotlight wherever he goes; he finds himself surrounded by people who make him uncomfortable and kill his mood

He requested everyone not to interfere in his personal life and give him his self-time to enjoy peacefully.

Asa Butterfield's Lived His Character, Otis

Asa is well known for his role-plays as Otis in a Sex Education. He played his character so well that people enjoyed his character play in that series. 

He had fit in that character so well that he dragged every audience. He opened up that the reason that made his play that character so smooth was because of his mum. 

His mom is a psychologist, and she is a very supportive and understanding mother. Because of his mom's influence, he played that role so well. 

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