Who Is Sam Ryan Springsteen? Son Of Bruce Springsteen

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Who Is Sam Ryan Springsteen? Son Of Bruce Springsteen

Sam Ryan Springsteen is the son of musician Bruce Springsteen. He was born in 1994

He is a firefighter by profession. He has two siblings, Jessica Springsteen and Evan James Springsteen. His mother is Patti Scalfia, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

He does not have a girlfriend, as he is a married man. His wife's name is Alex. He has a daughter named Lily Harper. 

Sam Ryan Springsteen with his wife.
Sam Ryan Springsteen with his wife. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Bruce is married to Patti Scialfa. They met in the early 80s, and she became a member of the E Street Band in 1984 as a backup vocalist. 

They were friends, but they were not in any romantic relationship at that time. 

After Bruce separated from his first wife, Julianne Phillips, in 1988, they started dating. They got married in 1991. 

Sam Ryan Springsteen with his parents.
Sam Ryan Springsteen with his parents. Source: Facebook


Sam was born on 5 January 1994, and his current age is 29.

Net Worth

His father, Bruce's net worth is estimated to be $650 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a musician. 

Daughter of Sam Ryan Springsteen.
Daughter of Sam Ryan Springsteen. Source: Instagram

Bruce Became Friend With His Fan

In the 80s, Bruce went to the cinema to watch a movie. He was in Saint Louis at that time. 

He said he was all by himself in that cinema. He was watching a movie called Stardust Memories, where the movie's main protagonist, Woody Allen, was not so kind to his fans. 

He met a boy in a lobby, and he was with his girlfriend. The boy asked if he wanted to sit with them. 

He said yes and sat with them. They watched the movie together, and after the film, the boy asked if he also felt the same way about his fans as Woody Allen did in the film. 

He replied not that much. The boy told him they were going home and asked if he wanted to come to his house to meet his parents. 

Sam Ryan Springsteen with his father, Bruce Springsteen.
Sam Ryan Springsteen with his father, Bruce Springsteen. Source: Facebook

Bruce agreed and went to his house. They reached home at 11 p.m., and the boy called his mother and told her he had brought Bruce Springsteen

His mother asked who Bruce was, and the boy ran to his room, brought Bruce's album cover, and showed it to his mom. 

The kid's mom was shocked that her son had Bruce with him. She told him that she was going to make eggs for him. 

He had eggs with the kid and his mother in the middle of the night somewhere in Saint Louis. Bruce said whenever he is back to the town, he visits them. 

Bruce's Kids Are Not His Fan

Bruce shared that his kids didn’t know he was a musician for a long time. 

He said when fans would approach him, he used to tell his kids that he was Barney for adults so strangers would keep coming up to him. 

One day, one of his kids, who was in kindergarten then, came to him and asked about Tenth Avenue Freeze

He told his son that it was the song written by him. His son asked him to play the music, and he played it on his guitar. 

He said after that day, he ignored that part for the rest of his life and pretended it never happened. 

He shared no kid would want their parents to be cheered up by fifty thousand people. 

He said they all know he is a star but pretend not to know about it. 

He added his kids are not interested in him being a rock star, they have their favorite musician, and they ignore him. 

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