Samantha Gallagher

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Samantha Gallagher is the mother of English professional footballer Conor Gallagher. She is married to Leo Gallagher

She has four sons with Leo. She belongs to the White-British ethnicity and is currently living in Epsom. Samantha is an English citizen. 

Samantha's son Conor
Samantha's son Conor  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Conor Gallagher

Conor is currently dating Aine May Kennedy. Her partner is a model and social media influencer by her profession. 

They have been dating each other since the year 2018. His partner has been very supportive towards him. 

Aine shows up in Conor's every matches to cheer him up. 

They have revealed their relationship through their social media as they have posted many pictures of them together enjoying vacations. 

Although their relationship is very public, the couple hasn't opened up where they met. They have already completed three years of their relationship.

Conor with his girlfriend
Conor with his girlfriend  Source: Instagram

About Conor Gallagher 

Conor is an English professional footballer born on 6 February 2000. His full name is Conor John Gallagher

His parents raised him in Epsom with his three brothers. He came from an average family. 

He pursued a football career and did his best in it. At the start of his football career, he joined the Chelsea club at the age of 8.

He is very young and has achieved a lot of success in his life. Conor currently plays as the mid-fielder for his club. He is also on the national team of England.


Conor is 21 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Conor is $4-$6 Million. His source of income comes as being professional footballer. 

Samantha And Her Husband's Ancestors Were Not From England

Samantha and her husband Lee lives in Epsom, London and are English citizen. 

Their four children, including Conor, were born and raised in England

Their grandparents and ancestors were not from England. They belonged to Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. 

Conor became a successful football player, and now he is in English National Team and will soon play the world cup for the country. 

But he can choose to play for Scotland or the Republic of Ireland if he wanted to because of his parent's ancestors. 

He is eligible to do so and can change his nationality too.

Conor Is Living Dream Of His Brothers

Conor is the youngest one in his family. He has three elder brothers, and Conor has always looked up to them. 

They were the reason why Conor played football. Conor's brothers are also football players, and watching them, he got inspired. 

His brothers could not achieve what he had achieved, and they are always proud of him. 

In 2021, after he was called for the national team of England, his family were very proud and happy of him.

It was their dream, and Conor was fulfilling it for them. 

They are super proud and are looking forward to seeing their brother playing in the world cup.

Conor Is Never Demotivated

Conor is undoubtedly one of the famous and talented player. 

He has achieved all of his success due to his hard work and dedication, and now he can take part in international matches with the English national team

But things were not the same for him. He was playing for one of the biggest teams globally, Chelsea

He was doing nicely, but he was sent to Crystal Palace as a loan player. Being out from Chelsea to Palace was a big change for him. 

People started talking about him and felt sorry for him. But for Conor, he was still motivated and dedicated to playing for the team. 

His coach also said that he is always positive who listens to every instruction carefully and perfectly executes them in the pitch. 

He is indeed an important player for the team.

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