Who Is Samantha Lockhart? Half-Sister Of Lewis Hamilton

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Samantha Lockhart is known for being Lewis Hamilton's half-sister. Lewis is a famous British racing driver in Formula One.

Samantha was born to Carmen Larbalestier and Raymond Lockhart

But Carmen was married to a young black British man named Anthony Hamilton.

They had a child together, Lewis Hamilton. After some time, the couple falls out. 

Andrew left his son and wife and never came back. Their reason for separation was not public. 

After some time, Carmen remarried to Raymond Lockhart and had two daughters. 

Samantha and Nicola Lockhart. Lewis lived with his mother and sister until he was 12 and moved in with his dad. 

Lewis's dad, Andrew, remarried Linda Hamilton, and they had a son named Nicholas Hamilton.

Samantha Lockhart's mom and brother.
Samantha Lockhart's mom and brother. Source: Instagram

About Samantha Career 

Samantha is a very private person. She keeps her personal life out of the media. She is not in the entertainment industry. 

She graduated from Williams and Mary Research University with an Arts in Public Policy from Williamsburg, Virginia.

She is very dedicated to her education. She worked as a Group Facilitator 2010 at the College of William and Mary. 

Afterward, she moved to work as a Field Organizer at Green Crops in the same year. 

She was the Assistant Canvass Director in the organization. After some time, she hired more than 30 staff members to work. 

After some years, she started working for the National Wildlife Federation

She was a mere National Outreach Coordinator for the Washington D.C. Metro Area

In 2021, she became the Deputy National Director for Washington, DC. 

She is a very hardworking person, and she achieved all her ranks by working on her own.


Samantha was born in the 1980s. Her exact birth date is not public. But she is currently in her late 30s and younger than Lewis Hamilton

Her height is about 5 feet 5 inches, and she weighs 52 kg.

Net Worth

Samantha‘s brother Lewis's net worth is about $285 Million. 

Lewis Hamilton wanted his surname to be his mother’s

Lewis is a World Champion. He once said he wanted his mother’s surname, Larbalestier, to live on with him. 

His parents got divorced when he was just two years old. He questioned why women lose their surnames after they marry. 

He is very proud of his family's name, Hamilton, but he also wants the world to know about his mother’s surname. 

And he said he was about to put that in his name. But that doesn’t mean he doesn't respect his dad. He is very fond of his dad.

 Samantha Lockhart's brother, Lewis Hamilton.
Samantha Lockhart's brother, Lewis Hamilton. Source: Instagram

Lewis's dad was the reason he grew interested in car racing. He bought Lewis his first remote-controlled car when he was six.

And he got his first go-kart for Christmas when he was just seven. Anthony helped Lewis to break into the world of go-karting

Andrew spent seven years working from the Rye House Kart circuit in Hertfordshire to Formula Super A stardom

Andrew was Lewis's manager throughout his racing career. 

But he wanted his dad to rest up, and he didn’t want his dad to be his manager anymore. 

After that, they talked and agreed. Lewis thanked him for 18 years of his service. 

And Lewis wanted to be his own man and said he was comfortable with that.

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