Who is Samra Tesfaye? Mother Of The Weeknd

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Who is Samra Tesfaye? Mother Of The Weeknd

Samra Tesfaye is the mother of Abel Tesfaye, mostly known as The Weeknd. Abel is a famous Canadian  American singer

Marriage And Children

Samra is a single woman who never married. However, she had a relationship with Makkonen Tesfaye. They have a child together, Abel Tesfaye. 

Abel was too young when they split up. Samra and her mother raised him. 

Her ex-boyfriend never made any contribution to Abel's upbringing. Makkonen is a married man, and he has his own family.

Samra Tesfaye's ex-partner and their son.
Samra Tesfaye's ex-partner and their son. Source: Pinterest

She never had another child. Abel said he wanted a brother. 

He doesn't understand why his parents didn't provide for another child. He even lied about having a brother to other people.

Samra's Sweetest Birthday Text To Her Son

On Abel’s 32nd birthday, Samra sent him the sweetest text in the morning, and Abel shared it on social media. 

The text shows how proud she is of her son. She gave lots of blessings to her son and called him her hero. 

She texted him on February 16 at @2:45 pm while Abel was touring for his concert. 

Samra is a proud mother. Her son has been trending over social media with his hits songs.  He has had a pretty big album over these years. 

And he recently headlined the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2021. He made an appearance with Doja Cat, who is also a famous singer.

Samra Tesfaye with her son, The Weeknd.
Samra Tesfaye with her son, The Weeknd. Source: Instagram


Samra was born in Ethiopia and might be in her late 50s.

Net worth

Samra's son Abel's net worth is about  $300 Million. 

The Weeknd Getting Hate For “The Idol”

Abel and the director of Euphoria are airing an HBO drama series named “The Idol.” 

This drama series has famous people like Lily-Rose Depp, Jennie Ruby Jane, and The Weeknd himself. 

The series already has so many rumors and controversies before it has even aired. 

Rolling Stone claims that the series has dubbed some disturbing scenes like a rape fantasy, and some went from satire to the things it was satirizing. 

Samra Tesfaye's son The Weeknd.
Samra Tesfaye's son, The Weeknd. Source: Instagram

And they shot with Rolling Stone, but it seems they changed it without informing them.  

And Abel responded to Rolling Stone by tagging on Twitter with a video scene from The Idol with him and Lily-Rose as they completed the magazine shoot. 

And in that scene, Abel's character describes the magazine as ‘IRRELEVANT”. 

And that thing made some criticism on social media, and a Rolling Stone employee responded by saying, “Not at all.” 

And after that, HBO gave a statement saying they wanted to create the most exciting series in HBO history, so some episodes didn't meet their expectation, so they decided to change them. 

And Lily-Rose also released a statement supporting Sam by saying she has never felt more supported or respected in a creative space. 

And working with Sam is a precious thing for her. 

Samra Refused To Talk About Life In Ethiopia

Samra and her ex-boyfriend immigrate from Ethiopia. After that, they settled in Toronto, Ontario, where Abel was born. 

After some time, she separated from her ex-boyfriend and raised Abel with her mother. 

She spent a lot of time working. She was very protective over Abel but couldn’t protect him from dropping out of school at 17

Abel started to go on the wrong road where his drug addiction began. Samra was helpless. But soon, Abel realized and ditched the drugs. 

He once told The New York Times, “ She looked at me like she failed.” And he started his music career after sobering. 

His mother never talked about Ethiopia, even when he asked her. Instead, he heard some snippets from his uncles about Ethiopia

He thinks his mother doesn’t want to make him feel like Ethiopia is the wrong place. 

Abel’s mom and dad fled the massacre of 10 thousand people in Ethiopia, Dubbed the Red Terror.

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