Who Is Sandra Cho? Wife Of Kevin Durand

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Who Is Sandra Cho? Wife Of Kevin Durand

Sandra Cho is the wife of Canadian actor Kevin Durand. She has two daughters with her husband. 

Sandra herself is an actress by her profession. She has shown her appearance in very few movies. 

She is a Canadian citizen

Family of Sandra Cho.
Family of Sandra Cho. Source: Instagram

Married Life

Kevin is currently married to Sandra Cho. 

The couple has been married to each other since 2010, and they are parents of two children. 

Both of their children are daughters. Before tying the knot, they dated for many years. 

They started back in 2000. 

They have completed more than ten years as husband and wife. They are very happy in their married life. 

Sandra Cho with her husband, Kevin Durand.
Sandra Cho with her husband, Kevin Durand. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Kevin, is 48 years old

Net Worth 

Her husband, Kevin, has a net worth of $4 Million

Sandra Cho's husband, Kevin Durand, and children.
Sandra Cho's husband, Kevin Durand, and children. Source: Instagram

Kevin Has Bad Humor

Kevin is known for her role in Viking. He is a good actor and has a good bond with Allen Doyle

He opened up that he gave Allen a good acting lesson. 

He started by talking about his good memories with his guys and said that he has drunken funny guys. 

When he saw Allen acting on the set of Robin Hood, he could not take his eye off him. 

Allen is a great actor, and when he starts playing his role, Kevin feels amazing. 

Allen keeps joking about many things on the set and makes people laugh a lot, but Kevin stays there and looks at him. 

He then called Allen and told him he didn’t have good humor. 

After listening to Kevin, Allen got paled, and he got away.

Kevin Went To A Gay Bar

In one interview, Kevin opened up about an incident that happened to him many years back. 

He said he was hanging out with his two Australian friends, and he wanted to drink really bad. 

After that, he searched for places to hang out with his mates and get some drinks. 

He then remembered a place that he had heard about and went there. 

It was actually a pub, but the guy out of the pub was not them. 

The guy told them the pub was closed and they won't be served any drinks there. 

He then saw Allen Doyle, his co-star, there, and he was literally down to his knees in front of that guy, asking him to let in and get the drink. 

Then they let them in, and after some time, they realized that the pub was for men who love men. 

It was actually a gay bar, and that incident became a funny memory for Kevin and his friends.

Was Kevin In A Band? 

Kevin is a great actor and has role-played many movies and series. 

But many of his fans might be unaware he is in a band. In one interview, Kevin said that he loves singing. 

Not only that, but he also joined the Russell Crowe band for some time. 

He always loved singing, and when he was in the band, he would sing with his band members, sing together, and have a great time. 

But growing up, he wanted to be a comedian too. 

As Kevin is now very busy with his acting career, he doesn’t get time to sing with the band, but he gets involved with the band when they play.

Kevin Got Stabbed

Kevin and his friend Russell Crowe have starred together in many movies. 

They are great friends and have also performed in a band many times. 

He said that he and Russell enjoyed watching movies together, but Russell sometimes gets angry. 

He opened how he knocked Russell, and because of that, he got stabbed by him 22 times. 

He said that the movie that both were working on was Russell's movie, and when Russell gets the opportunity to show Kevin down, he gets really happy. 

He also jokingly said he hopes to get a bigger character than Russell someday.

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