Sandra Delgado

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Sandra Delgado

Sandra Delgado is the wife of Brazilian actor, filmmaker, musician, and journalist Wagner Moura

Sandra is a photographer and journalist. She is the daughter of Inacio Delgado and Marisa Delgado

She shares three children with Wagner. She is Brazilian by her nationality.

Sandra with his husband
Sandra with his husband   Source: Instagram

Marriage and Children

Wagner is the husband of Sandra. He met Sandra for the first time in a photoshoot as an actor. 

Wagner and Sandra both have a similar passion. They both got married in 2001

Their elder son is Bem Moura born in 2006 and second son’s name is Jose Moura, and their youngest son’s name is Salvador Moura.

Wagner and Sandra both are involved in an organization named 50 for freedom

Their organization works for ending slavery, which is still present in many different undeveloped countries. 

Their passion for that work made them more connected to each other. 

As of 2021, they are still together. They have already completed 20 years of their married life and still counting more. 

Wagner and his wife are happily living with their three children.

Sandra Delgado husband and children
Sandra Delgado husband and children  Source: Instagram

About Wagner Moura 

Wagner’s full name is Wagner Manitoba de Moura was born on 27 June 1976. He was raised in Salvador, Brazil

In 2000 he played his first-ever play named The Machine. At that, he built a good connection with some of the great actors. 

After that, he started doing a small role in movies. After that, he started doing big movies and earned a good name in the film industry. 

Some of his movies are Elite Squad, Elysium, and Elite Squad: The Enemy. He has appeared in many movies and already has grabbed the attention of the audience with his acting skills. 

He is well known for his role-play in Series Narcos. He has also won many awards for his roles. He is married and has three children.

Wagner’s Life Is In Danger

In 2019, Wagner came up and opened about him being unsure of returning to his motherland. 

As there were some political issues, he opened up that he was scared to go back there because he could risk his own life. 

He felt very bad because he had an unsafe feelings returning to his own country. Wagner spoke up that his new movie titled Marighella could bring problems to him in Brazil

His new movie was all about the political issues that exactly match the situation of Brazil at that time. 

And because of that same movie, Wagner felt unsafe returning to his home country.

His life could be in danger in his nation.  But he also said that those things wouldn’t stop him from going back to his country.


Her age is unknown. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Wagner is $10 Million. His source of income is acting, filmmaking, musician, and journalist.  

Wagner Had Physical Transformation

Wagner earned a lot of popularity through his role play in Narcos. His character in that series dragged the attention of an audience.

He also opened up about his directing the next season of that series. 

Wagner’s role in that series was not easy for him. He had to go through a transformation to fit in the character that he was about to play. 

He had to gain a lot of weight, for which he might risk his health. At that same that he was also working on his movie Marighell which made him more tuff. 

To fit in character in his new movie, he had to lose weight which created trouble. 

He had to lose and gain weight simultaneously for different characters, which was challenging for him.

Wagner Told His Fans To Be Strong

Wagner is well known for his role-play in the series Narcos. He had shown too much dedication in that movie. 

His role play as Pablo captured the attention of the whole audience. Wagner opened up to his fans to be the ready final season. 

He nailed his performance as Pablo. As the ending of the show, they’ve shown Pablo’s death scene.  

That scene would be way too emotional, so he told his fans to be emotionally strong and get ready for that heartbreaking scene.

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