Who Is Sandra McAdams? Mother Of Rachel McAdams

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Who Is Sandra McAdams? Mother Of Rachel McAdams

Sandra McAdams is the mother of actress Rachel McAdams. Her husband is Lance McAdams, who was a relocation engineer. They share three kids. 

She worked as a nurse.

Sandra McAdams with her husband and their daughter.
Sandra McAdams with her husband and their daughter. Source: Twitter

Is Rachel Married?

Rachel is not married yet. But she is in a relationship with filmmaker Jamie Linden

They started dating each other in 2016. Linden took Rachel as her date at his friend's wedding. 

They welcomed their firstborn in 2018. Now, they are parents to their two kids. 


His daughter, Rachel, is 45 years old

Net Worth

His daughter, Rachel's net worth is estimated at $25 million

Sandra McAdams with her daughter, Sandra McAdams.
Sandra McAdams with her daughter, Sandra McAdams. Source: Twitter

Why Rachel Took A Break From Acting

After the massive success of the movie Notebook, Rachel was everywhere, from minor to big movies. 

Suddenly, she disappeared from the screen. 

She said it was not a conscious decision to leave, but she decided to pause. 

She said she could not deal with the sudden changes in her life. 

She said she was too exposed to the public eye and had difficulty with that, and things did not allow her to find or focus on herself. 

She took a break from the industry for about two years

She turned down the movies like The Devil Wears Prada and Iron Man

She returned in 2015 from a movie called Spotlight, for which she got an Oscar nomination

She said she finds acting very difficult and feels like she can never relax fully. 

Rachel Shared Her First Long Distance Plane Experience

Rachel shared he had been on a plane with her grandmother at the age of seven, but it was a 30-minute flight from Ontario to Ottawa.

Her first real deal with the flight was at 21 when she flew from Toronto to Italy by herself. 

She said she thought the plane was going down as the turbulence was awful. 

She added that all the drinks were spilling around, and when she saw everyone else, they were sleeping and thought it was normal. 

She added she had no clue what was happening. She was excited as she got her first movie and had to go to Sicily

She said she tried to learn Italian as she had to speak Italian in that movie during that long flight. 

She said she ate Italian gelato while reading a newspaper. 

She said she had a pleasant flight once she realized she would not die. 

Rachel Revealed Her First Job

Rachel worked at McDonald's when she was young. It was her part-time job. 

She said that job taught her to work hard. She shared that, at first, she was obsessed with constantly washing her hands. 

She said she was done with her Germophobia thing after she started working there. 

She said her hands were messy from washing them all the time. She said she still loves eating McDonald's.

Rachel Talked About Notebook

Rachel played the role of Allison in the romantic drama Notebook opposite Ryan Gosling

She said when she auditioned for that movie, she knew that her life would change after that, and she was right. 

Rachel Talked About Balancing Personal Life And Professional Life

Rachel started shooting for Are You There God after giving birth to her second child. 

She was balancing motherhood and acting. She joked it was a natural method of acting for her. 

She said she was breastfeeding and pumping on the side.  

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