Who Is Sandra Ripert? Wife Of Eric Ripert

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Who Is Sandra Ripert? Wife Of Eric Ripert

Sandra Ripert is the wife of French Chef, Author, and TV personality Eric Ripert

She is a Real estate broker by profession. 

Sandra Ripert with her husband, Eric Ripert.
Sandra Ripert with her husband, Eric Ripert. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Sandra 

Sandra is currently married to her husband, Eric Ripper. She met him for the first time at Food Fashion. She was working as a hostess for a restaurant. 

They tied the knot back in 1998. They had a destination wedding in Bali

Talking about their children, they are parents to kids. The couple welcomed their first child, son Adrien, in 2003

As of 2023, she lives happily with her husband and son. 

 Sandra Ripert with her son.
Sandra Ripert with her son. Source: Instagram

About Sandra’s Husband Eric 

Eric is a professional chef, author, and TV personality. He is well known for his specialty in seafood and French Cuisine. 

Eric has appeared in many cooking shows throughout the year. 

He was born in 1965 and has his birthday on March 2. He is a French citizen by his nationality. 

Age And Net Worth 

Eric is 58 years old. He has a net worth of $ 20 Million

Eric Doesn’t Care About Reward

Eric is co-owner of Le Bernardin restaurant, one of the best restaurants in the world. 

His restaurant won three stars continuously for 14 years, which is a very proud thing, and in an interview, he was asked how he managed to do that. 

Eric replied that he never cared about rewards and only focused on doing work correctly. 

Every day, he goes to work and does his daily things. 

Instead of considering the rewards, he tries to make delicious food and maintain an excellent dining area to satisfy the customer. 

He tries to create a great working environment so that his team comes and does things with excitement, and by doing so, he and his restaurant automatically get rewarded. 

Eric Lost His Friend

Anthony Bourdain was one of the greatest chefs in the world. Sadly, the chef died in 2018

Eric and Anthony were great friends, and they shared 20 years of their lives, so his death was pretty harsh on Eric. 

Eric talked about Anthony in an interview and described that he was the most generous and humble person he had ever met in his whole life. 

He was so happy and felt blessed to have someone like Anthony. They did show up together and did lots of traveling. 

His friend Anthony always believed in trying different foods across the country and learning from different cultures. 

Anthony always respected others' cultures and wanted to share the new things that he discovered throughout his journey with all the people.

Eric Was Abused

Eric became one of the top chefs at a very young age and earned success. 

He is now living a great life; however, his childhood was not as great as his present. 

He had a very dark childhood, and he kept it hidden from the world for a long time. 

His mom and dad got divorced when he was tiny, and at the age of 11, he lost his beloved father. 

After that, his mom remarried a man who didn’t treat Eric well. His stepdad abused him for a long time. 

He was mentally and emotionally disturbed, but somehow, he stayed strong, and eventually, his mom threw his stepdad out of his house. 

He never talked about his dark childhood, not even to his good friend Anthony

However, the truth came out after he released his memoir, where he talked about his disturbing childhood. 

Eric Reproved Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is a famous chef. He is known for his fiery temper and is mainly seen shouting at the professional chef working under him. 

As Eric is also a chef, he doesn’t like how Gordon behaves with other chefs. 

He even tweeted that Gordon is a bad influence on professional chefs and that his behavior is very wrong. 

Eric tries to create an excellent place for the chefs working for him, but there was a time when he had a bad temper. 

He used to get angry very fast when he was young but slowly realized that his anger made the team working for him unhappy. 

He doesn’t have any personal grudges for Gordon, but he does feel that Gordon shouldn’t behave like that with his staff. 

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