Who Is Sandra Zouma? Wife Of Kurt Zouma

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Who Is Sandra  Zouma? Wife Of Kurt Zouma

Sandra Zouma is the wife of popular football player Kurt Zouma. She was born on 1992 in France.

She is famous for being the wife of Kurt Zouma. Her nationality is French.

Sandra Zouma's husband, Kurt Zouma.
Sandra Zouma's husband, Kurt Zouma. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Kurt and Sandra have been dating each other since their teenage.

Their wedding was held in 2012. Sandra is two years older than Kurt. They are a happy couple. Talking about their children, they are the parents of five children. 

Their children are well raised, whereas their eldest daughter has works as a model

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While other children are two daughters, Sihame and Sanaa, respectively; the remaining two are boys, and their names are Ryan and Kais. 

Sandra Zouma and Kurt Zouma.
Sandra Zouma and Kurt Zouma. Source: Instagram


The age of Sandra is 30 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Sandra has not been declared yet, but her husband Kurt's net worth is $5.9 Million.

Sandra Zouma with her son.
Sandra Zouma with her son. Source: Pinterest

Kurt Shared About His Club

Kurt is currently on West Ham United Club. This club was selected for the Europa League. 

Kurt had gone with his four children and his wife on the day of signing for West Ham United. 

He said that it would be a big opportunity for him to play from West Ham United because his children were raised in London, his wife too, and it was not only for the city for him. 

He wanted an improved game than last year since the club had been selected for the Europa League, and even Kurt was too excited for the Premiere League.

Flashback Of Kurt 

Before signing for West Ham United, Kurt used to be in Chelsea. His days in Chelsea were also enjoyable for him. 

He was asked many questions in his interview while he was at Chelsea.

He said that it was a very comfortable journey for him in Chelsea. He had a well-managed training ground for practice. 

The club manager and coach were also very friendly with him. Even the leader of his team was frank. 

He loved being a defender for the club. He likes having big tackles from the opponents.

Kurt is a defender for every club that he has played. His defending skill has made him a man of the matches many times. 

He got injured while defending many times but never lost his confidence. 

Is Kurt's Life Boring?

Kurt is a friendly and frank person. In every interview, we can see his answers to questions are always related to fun facts. 

Recently when he was in Chelsea, he used to explore different cultures while having food and carrying out different activities. 

Since he was from France, his activities in England were French because it was his nationality. 

Kurt respects each and every player of his club. 

His pre-match routine is having carbohydrates for his fitness and stamina. 

Kurt had gone through a big injury while having a defense against Manchester United.

His right leg got injured. He was depressed, thinking that he would now never play football again, but the support from his family and the blessing of fans didn't let him down. 

It became a fast recovery for him. He again started to play perfectly, and after a few months, he began to play matches from the club again.

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