Sandro Sagnol – Meet Son Of Willy Sagnol

by Pragya Wed Apr 24 2024 Updated On Wed Apr 24 2024
Sandro Sagnol – Meet Son Of Willy Sagnol

Sandro Sagnol is the son of French football manager Willy Sagnol. His mother’s name is Laetitia Roussel

He was born in the year 2006 and celebrated his birthday on November 2. Sandro is a French citizen. 

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Sandro Sagnol dad Willy Sagnol coaching his team
Sandro Sagnol dad Willy Sagnol coaching his team. Source: Instagram

What happened to Sandro’s parents? 

Sandro’s dad, Willy, married his mom, Laetitia, a long time ago. He was the youngest child, and his sister Chiara Sagnol was the eldest. 

His parents' marriage didn’t last long, so they got divorced in 2006

Sandro’s dad remaaried

After the divorce from Laetitia, Willy got married to Charlotte-Gwendoline Sagnol

The couple tied the knot twice. Their first wedding was held on December 6, 2006, and their second wedding was held on July 5, 2008. 

They also share a set of twins together. 

Who is Sandro’s famous dad, Willy? 

Willy is a professional football manager and a former football player. He used to play for the France national team and clubs in the position of defender. 

He retired from playing football in 2008. He is currently the manager of the Georgia national football team. 

He has been the coach of Georgia since 2021. He was born in 1997 in France, which makes him a French citizen. 

Age and Net Worth 

Sandro is 18 years old. His net worth is unknown.

As of now, Willy, who is currently 47 years old, has a net worth of $5 Million. His source of income is his football career. 

Sandro Sagnol dad Willy Sagnol in his younger days
Sandro Sagnol dad Willy Sagnol in his younger days. Source: Instagram

His father is a racist? 

A decade ago, Willy was accused of being a racist. The controversy of him being racist started when he was a coach at the Bordeaux Football Club. 

He stated that African players are tough, so they are perfect for playing the match on the pitch and also added that they are cheap and easy to afford. 

Also, he said that they are stupid and undisciplined. His statement wasn’t taken lightly by anyone, and people started accusing him of being racist. 

On the other hand, Willy denied the allegation and claimed that his statements were taken in a different way. 

He also said that he had spent nearly three decades of his career on football and had spent so much time with footballers in the locker room and never had any issue with any of the players. 

Georgia made it into the Euro Cup? 

Georgia has managed to qualify for the Euro Cup 2024

After the qualifications, Willy shared his happiness in a press conference and revealed that he and his team managed to get into Euro due to their hard work. 

Willy spent so many years in a coaching career, and even though it took him a long time, he has finally managed to change something. 

He managed to get Georgia in the Euro for the first time in history. 

He and his team worked really hard for three years to get here, and before the Euro qualifier, he focused on penalties. 

He talked to each and every player to know who was comfortable doing penalty shootouts because Willy knew the last-moment importance of football matches. 

Willy felt great visiting his old club 

Willy visited his old club, Bayern Munich, back in the day. 

He spent half of his football career playing for the team, so getting back there made him feel really good. 

He has great memories and experience in the club, so being there again brought back everything, and he was feeling really good. 

Also, he got to see many familiar faces and met the players. 

During his visit, Pep Guardiola was the coach of the club and saw him training the players. 

He always found Pep’s coaching interesting, and he watched Pep’s ways of coaching. 

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