Who Is Sara Lletget? Mother Of Sebastian Lletget

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Who Is Sara Lletget? Mother Of Sebastian Lletget

Sara Lletget is the mother of American professional soccer player Sebastian Lletget. Sara is originally from Argentina. 

She is currently living in California, US. She is Christian by her religion. She is an American citizen

Sara Lletget's husband, Francisco Lletget, and son, Sebastian Lletget.
Sara Lletget's husband, Francisco Lletget, and son, Sebastian Lletget. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Sara is married to her husband, Francisco Lletget. She has four children, one son and three daughters, with her husband. 

Her son's name is Sebastian, and her daughter’s names are Vanessa, Valeria, and Viviana.

Among her three daughters, one of them is named Valeria, died at the age of 36. 

Sara's son Sebastian is a football player, and she has been very supportive of her son in his football journey. 

Her son also adores her a lot. Her son Sebastian posted many pictures of Sara on his Instagram, wishing her on her birthday and mother's day. 

Sara Lletget with her children.
Sara Lletget with her children. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Sara are not known. Her son Sebastian is 30 years old.

Her son has a net worth of $1 Million.

Sebastian Lletget with his fiancee.
Sebastian Lletget with his fiancee. Source: Instagram

Sara Restricted Sebastian From Joining The Team

Sebastian was just a child when he auditioned for an Argentine club River Plate for its youth team. 

He and his father had faith that he would get selected. And he did. 

His father was really supportive and wanted him to go toward his dream. But his mother Sara was totally against it. 

Sara knows that at a small age, Sebastian leaving the house to persuade his interest was not a great decision. 

Sara believed that Sebastian was too young and immature to stay away from his family. 

But Sebastian kept on working and didn’t leave to play football. Four years later, Sara finally allowed him to persuade his dream. 

Sara realized that Sebastian would never leave football, and he was mature then.

Sara Lletget with her son, Sebastian Lletget.
Sara Lletget with her son, Sebastian Lletget. Source: Instagram

Sara’s Daughters Didn’t Like Her Brother Playing

Sara and his entire family are really happy and proud of the man Sebastian has become and the height of success he has retained. 

But things were not the same in their past when Sebastian was still a kid who didn’t leave football at any cost. 

He used to play every time around the house and break the windows of the house many times. 

He also used to mess up the whole interior. 

For the same reason, Sara and his sisters used to get really mad at him. His sisters hated him playing football. 

They used to scold him as he played football without eating and ignoring all his work. 

Death Of Her Daughter

Sara’s daughter Viviana was just 36 years only when she passed away. 

Sara obviously was very sad and broken, but she didn’t tell anything about the death. 

But Sebastian posted a post on his Instagram talking about Viviana

He revealed that he and his sister were very close to each other, and her death brought a wave of sadness and darkness to him and his family. 

He showed his regards and said goodbye to his sister. 

Neither Sara nor anyone from her family has revealed what actually caused Vivian’s death, but they faced great days of sadness.

Sara’s Son Was Banned Because Of His Comments

Sara’s son Sebastian was banned for two games and was restricted from training with Galaxy as he passed an Offensive act towards one of his teammates. 

He posted on Instagram calling his teammate a gay slur. By posting it, he attacked directly towards the LGBTQ community

He did this with no proper sense and later apologized to everyone for his act.

He was even fined for his actions. He expressed that he didn’t mean to harm any community or person. 

Sebastian expressed that he respected every person regardless of their gender. 

He also said that with this act, he had learned a life lesson and was happy about the new things he learned.

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