Who Is Sarah Aspin? Ex-Wife Of Blake Fielder-Civil

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Who Is Sarah Aspin? Ex-Wife Of Blake Fielder-Civil

Sarah Aspin is the ex-wife of production assistant Blake Fielder-Civil

She works as a Senior Business Development and Partnership Manager

Sarah met her husband at a rehab where both of them were on treatment for heroin addiction. 

They were blessed with two kids and their names are Jack Fielder-Civil and Lola Jade Fielder-Civil. Later they got separated.

Sarah Aspin with her baby.
Sarah Aspin with her baby. Source: GeeksULTD

Who Is Blake Dating Currently?

Blake is in a relationship with Bay Wright. The two got engaged in 2021. They dated for six months, and Blake proposed to her. 

Blake's friends were concerned that Blake was going very fast in his relationship with her. 

But they also added that Bay was a lovely girl, and they loved each other. There are not married yet. They have been engaged for more than a year. 

Blake Is A Troubled Ex-Husband Of Amy Winehouse

Blake was married to singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse. They met in 2005 in a pub. 

Amy completely changed after Blake came into her life. 

Her closest friend shared that Amy called them in the middle of the night, heavily drunk and with no control over herself. 

They tied the knot in 2006. They were in an on/off relationship for six years. 

Blake introduced heroin and drugs to Amy. Amy later died in 2011 due to alcohol poisoning.

Blake Fielder-Civil with his ex-wife, Amy Winehouse.
Blake Fielder-Civil with his ex-wife, Amy Winehouse. Source: Pinterest


Her ex-husband Blake is 40 years old. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs around 65 kg.

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Blake's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 

Blake Inspired Amy To Create An Album Named Back To Black

Amy released her second and last album before her death. Her troubled ex-husband was the inspiration behind her second album. 

She created that album within a year, and it was a massive hit. As a result, Blake was sentenced to 28 months in jail in 2008

He assaulted a bartender James King in 2007 and bribed him with $260000. King later provided evidence of his assault and also testified to the bribe. 

While Blake was in jail, Amy was at the heights of her career. 

After he completed his sentence, he came out and filed for a divorce in 2009. Amy was heartbroken when Blake left him. 

Blake Criticized Amy's 2019 Hologram Tour

In 2019 A Hologram Tour was announced in the loving memory of the late Amy Whitehouse

Her father, Mitch Whitehouse, also supported the tour. All fans were excited to experience Amy singing virtually on stage. 

But Blake had a problem with the new Hologram Tour. He said it would not be the same without Amy's physical presence. 

He added that the new Hologram Tour is nothing further than watching her videos on TV or listening to her music. 

He further added those who wanted to experience Amy singing live the opportunity had gone long back. 

He said that he objects to everything that tried to portray her career, including films made after her. 

He said that there was no reason to do the Hologram Tour. 

Blake Accepted The Reason Behind Amy's Drugs Addiction Is Him

Blake said he was always shown as the main reason for Amy's addiction. 

Blake admitted that he was responsible for introducing her to weeds and cocaine. He said they took drugs together six months after their marriage. 

He said she had never used drugs before that. However, he said he was the only person who took that responsibility when she was alive. 

He said he was not the only one to be blamed for he added there were other reasons too. 

He said he had been heavily criticized for that, but he said it was unfair to some extent. He told Amy always did things that she wanted to. 

He added he was only the person who took the burden and guilt of introducing her to drugs. 

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