Who Is Sarah Frater? Wife Of James May

by Manisha Mon May 01 2023 Updated On Tue May 02 2023
Who Is Sarah Frater? Wife Of James May

Sarah Frater is an American writer and dance critic. She is the partner of English television presenter and journalist James May

She was born in 1967 in the United Kingdom. They have been together as husband and wife for more than two decades. 

They do not share kids. They have been together since 2000.

Sarah Frater with her partner James May.
Sarah Frater with her partner James May. Source: Pinterest

James Cheated His Death In A Plane Crash

James once crashed a plane on a runway. He said he was too confident to fly light aircraft across solid crosswinds. 

He ended up being upside down. There was another person with him. He shared both of them had minor injuries. 

He had an injury on his knee, so he was limping for some days, and the other had a cut on his ear. 

He said the freshly filled fuel was all pouring in, and they got quickly out on time, and there was no fire, fortunately. 


Her partner James is 60 years old.

Net Worth

Her partner James's net worth is estimated to be $40 million

Sarah Frater's partner James May.
Sarah Frater's partner James May. Source: Instagram

James Shares His Top Five Essentials

In an interview, James reveals the top five things he can't live without. Of course, the first and foremost thing is his iPad. 

He said that iPad is a brilliant invention because it has made his life easier. He said during the night, also he wakes up and looks through it. 

He mentioned having iPad is like having access to the Library of Alexandra in the modern world. 

He added he has no complaints about the iPad's invention. 

He carries a bottle of his gin with him. He said his gin is delicious. He had a bunch of keys and also nail clippers. 

He said people often ask him if he has OCD as he carries nail clippers and doesn't like having long or broken fingernails. However, he said nail clippers can be used for many purposes too. 

He shared he has nail clippers in his every keyring. In addition, he has had a screwdriver. His screwdriver is 60 years old

He has never replaced the handle and blade, so it is entirely in its original condition. 

He is very particular about screwdrivers and knows minor details about them, and can differentiate which was in Japanese and Philips just by looking at them. 

He said it has multiple uses. The last one is a book written by him named Carbolics. 

James Talked About The End Of Top Gear TV Series

James was co-presenter of the original Top Gear series for a brief period. 

In 2015 BBC's contract with Jeremy Clarkson ended, and James stated that he would not be part of the show as a part of the new line-up of presenters. 

He said that he didn't like calling it the end of the show rather, he would call it the end of seven years of tour. However, he noted that it was the end of the beginning. 

James Remembered His Co-Star's Fatal Collision

James filmed across six countries along with his two co-presenters, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, for the most popular streaming series 'Grand Tour' in 2016

They risk their lives to test the latest supercars. James recalled a horrible crash while shooting for the series. 

He said the team pulled them out of the car after it caught fire. He told his friend Jeremy was on a ventilator after the accident. 

He mentioned the cameras all melted in the accident, so there was no footage of the accident. 

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