Who Is Sarah Marshall? Wife Of Matt Ryan

by Manisha Sun Oct 02 2022 Updated On Sat Apr 08 2023
Who Is Sarah Marshall? Wife Of Matt Ryan

Sarah Marshall is a celebrity wife. Her husband, Matt Ryan, is a professional football quarterback and plays for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. 

They tied the knot on 8 April 2011 after dating for several years. The couple shares three kids together, Marshall Thomas Ryan, John Matthew Ryan, and Cal Patrick Ryan

Marshall and John are twins born in August 2018 and their youngest Cal born on 3 April 2023.

She is a sponsorship sales consultant by profession. 

Sarah Marshall with her husband and their children.
Sarah Marshall with her husband and their children. Source: Instagram

How Did Sarah Meet Matt?

Sarah and Matt attended the same college. They met each other for the first time during their first years. 

Both of them love sports. Sarah said that she saw Matt for the first time in the weighing room while they all practiced 

They got to know each other as they sued to practice in the same building. So it all started with friendship. 

They used to hang around often, and later the friendship turned into romance. 

Sarah Marshall with her husband, Matt Ryan.
Sarah Marshall with her husband, Matt Ryan. Source: Instagram


Sarah is 37 years old. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs around 60 kg. 

Net Worth

Sarah's net worth is yet to be estimated. However, her husband's net worth is estimated at $70 million. 

His annual salary is estimated to be $30 million. He has managed to earn this massive net worth by playing for the Atlanta Falcons in NFL

Matt Gave His First Interview After Joining Indianapolis Colts 

Matt was pleased and humbled to be part of Indianapolis. He thanked the organization for the opportunity. 

He also thanked his wife for her support. In addition, he said the organization had given some legendary quarterback players like Johnny Unitas.

He said he met him and his family when he received an award from him in college. 

He was honored to be in the same place where Johnny Unitas started his career. 

He said he looked up to Peyton Manning while growing up. He was also from the Colt organization

He said that he had seen some of the players he has played with come into this organization and have a great career. 

So he was also excited to start a new chapter with Indianapolis. 

Matt Talked About Leaving Atlanta Falcons

Matt played for Atlanta for 14 years. He said he loved the organization and worked hard to help them win titles. 

Matt said he wanted to go in a different direction, and he was well aware that one day he would have to decide to either stay in or leave Falcon. 

He said that if he had to decide, he would love to be in Indianapolis Colts, and it worked for him. 

He said that some of the legendary players have gone through a transition, and it had worked out great for them. 

He thanked Atlanta for supporting his decision. 

Matt Revealed What Convinced Him To Join Indianapolis

Matt said he didn’t know about the trade at first in a press conference. 

He said he had the option to stay in Atlanta or join Indianapolis.

He said he got a chance to meet with the general manager, coordinator, and coach of Indianapolis

He said that the professionalism, accountability, and commitment the organization's board members showed sold him. 

He said that the meeting was the deciding factor. He said that they were very understanding about his situation. 

After the meeting, he sat and talked with his family. 

He went to his office, thought a lot about it, and finally decided to join Indianapolis. 

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