Who Is Sarah Mathers? Half Sister Of Eminem

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Who Is Sarah Mathers? Half Sister Of Eminem

Sarah Mathers is a half-sister of Grammy-winning rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem

Sarah knew she was related to Eminem when she was 23. 

She said she always knew she had a brother but never knew it would be Eminem

She is from California, and she works as a waitress. Her parents are Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Her mother's identity is still unknown. 

She has three siblings, including Eminem. 

Her father died in 2019 at the age of 67 years old. The cause of his death was a heart attack.

Sarah Mathers's late dad, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.
Sarah Mathers's late dad, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Source: Pinterest

Is Eminem Dating Anyone?

At the moment, Eminem is not dating anyone.

Eminem’s Daughter Is His Biggest Cheerleader

Eminem is a proud father to three daughters. His daughter Hailie is his only biological child, and the other two, Stevie and Alaina, are his adopted daughter. 

He has a great relationship with his daughters, and among them, he and his daughter Hailie share great bonding. 

Back in 2004, he released a song, Mockingbird,, which was fully dedicated to her. 

Her daughter Hailie now has her own podcast, and she talks about her childhood in the podcast. 

Hailie opened up that she grew up in the spotlight because Eminem was a famous rapper. 

The main purpose of her podcast is to speak about her personal life freely, and she wanted to let her close friends know her more nicely. 

She said that when she looks back at her childhood, she feels so weird because she got to do things that were surreal for other kids. 

Her best friend joined her and recalled the time when Hailie asked her to join the tour bus. 

Because of Eminem, Hailie got to go on a music tour, and she was so young that she never realized that things that were normal to her were not so normal for others. 

So Hailie's friend didn’t know what the tour bus was, and she felt so weird. 

She feels surreal when she looks back at his past life. Hailie has been seen supporting her dad in his Super Bowl performance, and she has admitted that Eminem is her favorite singer. 

She feels so proud because of her dad, and she has always been the biggest cheerleader to him. 

On the other hand, Eminem also feels really happy to see her daughters grow up into strong women. 

Raising his daughter has been the proudest thing that he has done in his life. 


Her brother Eminem is 50 years old.

Net Worth

Her brother Eminem's net worth is estimated to be $20 million

Sarah Mathers's brother Eminem.
Sarah Mathers's brother Eminem. Source: Instagram

Eminem Shared How He Discover Hip-Hop

Eminem has been into hip-hop since he was a little kid. He used to listen to beats on loop on cassette tapes and rap on the second. 

He used to watch MTV raps and listen to what rappers used to say at that time. 

He said that people were going crazy when he was just delivering his thoughts through his raps. 

He was shocked to see how people reacted to his raps. That made him realize that hip-hop has not only impacted his life but millions of people out there. 

Eminem Took A Break From His Career In 2005

Eminem dropped his album in 2005 and didn’t release another until 2010

In an interview, Eminem said that he wanted to stay away from the spotlight and wanted to reassess his career. 

He also went to rehab in 2005. He wanted to know where he was going personally and professionally. 

He was writing music during that period as he couldn’t do anything without music. He just wanted a break from the spotlight. 

He said he took the producer role rather than stepping into the mic. 

He shared he was creating music and writing raps, but he didn’t feel it was that good to put out there for his fans. 

He gained a lot of weight as he was overeating and taking pills that were not good for his health. 

He said he was in a dark state. He also got sober at the time being. He said a couple of years were rough for him, but he overcame it. 

Eminem Talks About His Diss Philosophy

While rapping, the rappers are dissing many other fellow artists. Diss tracks are everywhere in the Hip-Hop community.

Eminem has also dissed some people. However, Eminem clarified that his diss tracks are not meant to make a personal attack on anyone's character. 

He said he chose their names because they rhyme well with words. 

Eminem Loves Comic Books

Apart from rapping, Eminem also loved reading comic books as a kid. He used to collect comic books as a kid. 

But his interest in comic books faded away as he grew up. 

When he got sober, he again found his long-gone love for comic books. He was also on the cover of a funny book named The Punisher

Eminem's Daughter Was Shocked During His Hall Of Fame Speech

Eminem appeared to accept the honor of Hall Of Fame in 2022 with her daughter Hailey

During his acceptance speech, he revealed that he almost died of a drug overdose in 2007

In her podcast, she shared that it was a surreal experience for her as the cameras were all pointed at her face to capture her reaction. She didn’t know how to react to his speech.

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