Who Is Sarah Schmidt? Stunning Girlfriend Of Tyler Adams

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Who Is Sarah Schmidt? Stunning Girlfriend Of Tyler Adams

Sarah Schmidt is the girlfriend of American professional footballer Tyler Adams.

Sarah was born in the year 1996 and had her birthday on November 22. 

She was born in Germany but moved to the United States for her studies. 

She graduated from a business school in 2019. She is a German citizen. 

Sarah Schmidt and Tyler Adams.
Sarah Schmidt and Tyler Adams. Source: Instagram

About Her Love Life

Sarah is not married yet, but she does have a boyfriend. Sarah is currently dating Tyler Adams, a well-known football player. 

They have been dating each other since 2019. 

At the beginning of their relationship, they kept it private, but in April, Sarah's boyfriend publicly opened up about their relationship. 

Sarah Schmidt with her partner, Tyler Adams.
Sarah Schmidt with her partner, Tyler Adams. Source: Instagram

About Her Hobbies

Looking at Sarah's social media, it seems like she loves being active on Instagram, and besides that, it is also known that she is very fond of traveling. 

She has posted a lot of pictures of her traveling and enjoying different places with her boyfriend, Tyler. 

Age And Net Worth 

Sarah is 25 years old. Her net worth is unknown, but her boyfriend Tyler, who is currently 23 years old, has a net worth of $3 Million

Tyler Was Not Allowed To Go To Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the biggest teams in the world, and no player can refuse their offer if they get the opportunity to play for the club. 

Tyler was also one of the players who had been a long-time target for the red team. 

The club was watching him, and the club offered him £20 Million. 

But it had not been long before he joined Leeds United FC. He was bought for £15 Million by the club, so selling the player without his full potential play to another club was not an option for the club. 

Leeds’s official said that Tyler had not played many matches compared to his price, so even if he were a bad player, the team would not have sold him. 

He is a brilliant player, so selling him for £20 Million was not an option for the club.

Tyler had not talked about his interest because everyone knows; any player would like to play for Manchester United’s side.

But the option was closed as Leeds United didn’t agree to sell him.

American National Team Was Worried Because Of Tyler

Tyler has been the top-rated player for the American side and one of the few players that can change the whole game in every match. 

With his ability, he is his country's priority and the club's priority for the starting lineup squad. 

But in the game against Fulham, he was not seen anywhere on the pitch. As he was the club’s important player, his absence was quite a surprise. 

After the match ended with a loss, Leeds United officials revealed the midfielder’s injury. 

He suffered from a muscle injury just before the match. Looking at him, it was seen as a minor injury. 

But further report was on the way. Listening to this, the American side was really worried because World Cup 2022 was just a month away. 

Without him, the American team would lack a proper game. So his recovery was really important for the national team.

Tyler Thanked His National team For His Brilliant Debut

Tyler was called up to play in the national team of the USA, playing full-time in his debut week in 2017 despite his young age. 

He had a great start in the team as he was one of the valuable players in the team in the played matches. 

All the fans and teammates appreciated him. So, he came up to thank all his teammates for putting out all the effort for the team and making his debut match a great success. 

His team built his confidence to a great height, enabling him to perform well.

Tyler Had To Change Clothes To Eat With Family

Tyler didn’t know that his stepfather’s side came from Scotland, and they were diehard fans of Rangers FC

This made them the biggest rivals of the Celtic club

As he was unknown of that fact, he once wore the green jersey of the Celtic club, and when his family saw that, they warned him not to wear the shirt. 

They even said that if he wanted to eat with the rest of the family, he had to change his jersey. 

So he changed the jersey and never wore it again in front of his father’s family.

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