Who Is Sarie Kessler? Mother Of Margot Robbie

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Who Is Sarie Kessler? Mother Of Margot Robbie

Sarie Kessler is the mother of actress Margot Robbie. She is a physiotherapist by profession. She has a daughter and two sons apart from Margot

She is a single mother. She married Doug Robbie, a sugarcane tycoon and farm owner. 

She got separated from her ex-husband when Margot was five years old

Sarie Kessler's ex-husband, Dough Robbie.
Sarie Kessler's ex-husband, Dough Robbie. Source: Pinterest

Is Margot Married?

Margot is happily married to Tom Ackerley, a director, and producer. The two were roommates before they became a couple. 

They were living as roommates in Clapham, London, for a year. 

A year later, they started dating but kept it secret from their other roommates. They tied the knot in 2016. They do not have kids together.


Her daughter Margot is 32 years old. 

Net Worth

Her daughter Margot's net worth is estimated to be $40 million

Sarie Kessler with her daughter, Margot Robbie.
Sarie Kessler with her daughter, Margot Robbie. Source: Instagram

Margot Is An Adventurous Person

Robbie was a country girl before she got big into the industry. She grew up on her grandparent's farm on Australia's Gold Coast

He grew up hunting wild pigs and riding motorbikes. Then, on her 18th birthday, she jumped off the plane with her best friend and then-boyfriend. 

She did the same thing on her 19th birthday. She even decided to make that annual tradition until her career got in the way. 

But when she returns to Australia, she does some adventurous stuff like snorkeling and surfing.

Margot Worked Three Jobs At A Time Before She Got Famous

Margot started earning at a very young age. She got a job in a restaurant. 

She was hired to polish cutlery and was later promoted to cutting vegetables and waiting tables. 

Before she got into acting, she used to do three jobs at a time. She used to work in a pharmacy, warehouse, and catering. 

She said she was always into saving money. Her last job before she got into acting was on the subway. 

She worked as a subway sandwich artist. She said that she was good at making subways. 

Margot Is A Harry Porter Nerd

Margot was such a massive fan of Harry Porter that on her 13th birthday, she spent reading The Order of the Phoenix

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she even shared a photo of her reading the book. 

Also, for her bachelorette party, her friends arranged a Harry Porter-themed stripper party. She shared that there were Harry Porter phrases and hints. 

She said their arrangement moved her and that her friends were thoughtful and knew what she loved. 

She shared that she has been reading all seven books of Harry Porter as an alternative to meditation. 

She has been reading those books on a continuous loop every single night before she heads to bed. 

Margot Never Thought Of Becoming An Actress

Margot always wanted to be a magician while growing up. She said that she was good with tricks and was good at it. 

She said that she never knew that acting was a job. Instead, she thought that people become actors only if born in Hollywood

She got a chance to learn illusion when she was preparing for the 2015 con artist movie. 

She learned the art of stealing from Vegas-based magician Apollo Robbins.

She said executing that art without looking them in the eye was terrifying. 

After becoming famous, she appeared in World's most renowned magician tv show Blaine's Beyond Magic

She got a chance to get up close with the trick. She was left speechless when he correctly guessed a number that she thought of. 

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