Who Is Sascha Seinfeld? Daughter Of Jerry Seinfeld

by Manisha Fri Nov 04 2022 Updated On Sat Jul 15 2023
Who Is Sascha Seinfeld? Daughter Of Jerry Seinfeld

Sascha Seinfeld is the daughter of golden globe winner actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. She has two siblings Shepherd Kellen and Julian Kai.

Her grandparents are Betty Seinfeld and Kalman Seinfeld.

Is Sascha Dating Anyone?

As of now, there are no details on who she is dating. However, she was dating her high school sweetheart Jack back in 2019.

It was her father who said that his daughter was in a serious relationship. Currently, there is no update about her love life.

Sascha Seinfeld with her high school boyfriend Jack
Sascha Seinfeld with her high school boyfriend Jack. Source: Instagram

Sascha's Parents Had A Controversial

Sascha's mother Jessica Seinfeld was already married when her father met her for the first time. Jerry was at the peak of his career at that time and he met his wife at the gym. 

Jessica had just walked down the aisle two months before she met him. According to sources, Jessica was struggling with her marriage. She got separated from her first husband and started dating him. 

They got engaged within a year and exchanged their wedding vows in 1999. They have been inseparable ever since. 

The two have been married for more than two decades.


Sascha is 21 years old. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He weighs around 54 kg.

Net Worth

Sascha's net worth is yet to be estimated. However, her father has a net worth is estimated of a whopping $950 million

He has managed to earn his fortune from his career as a comedian. He has managed to earn most of his net worth from the popular sitcom 'Seinfeld'.

Sascha Seinfeld with her father Jerry Seinfeld
Sascha Seinfeld with her father Jerry Seinfeld. Source: Instagram

Jerry Doesn’t Like Being On Talk Shows

In an interview, Jerry clearly said that he wanted to do nothing and everyone keep calling him to be on their shows. He said he doesn’t like to do pre-interviews. 

He said he didn’t ask the producer to invite him to their show. He said he doesn’t owe anything to anyone. So he was confused why they want him to be on the show so badly. 

He said the producer of the show kept on calling him asking him to be on their show. 

He openly said that he don’t have time and was not interested to be on a talk show but they keep on calling again and again so he had to come to the show. 

Jerry Talked About How Jokes Actually Work 

Jerry said that the joke is not funny when you just read it directly. He said the joke actually works when there is the right expression, timings, movement of the body, and look on your face. 

He said if these things are not considered then the joke doesn't work. 

It won’t be fun and people won’t laugh at it. He shared 2 percent of the joke is just the writing and 98 percent of it is how a person delivers it. 

Jerry Revealed His Most Intimidating Moment

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Jerry revealed that he was intimidated by Keith Hernandez. He said he came to his Tv series and Keith was the one person he was intimidated ever in his life. 

He said he met him in 1992. He said he had never met a baseball player and he was physically big. 

He said he knew that Keith was coming to his show and that morning he changed his shirt three times before meeting him. Keith was his idol and it was big moment for him to meet him personally. 

Jerry Thinks That Jeans Are Not Meant For Older People

Jerry said that there are no perfect jeans for mature people. He added when you reach certain age jeans doesn't look great on you like before. 

He said older men shouldn't wear jeans as it looks really bad. He further added if they think that jeans would look cool then it won’t work because they don’t suit them anymore when they get older. 

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