Who Is Sasha Attwood? Girlfriend Of Jack Grealish

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Who Is Sasha Attwood? Girlfriend Of Jack Grealish

Sasha Attwood is a famous British model and makeup artist from Solihull, West Midlands. She is also YouTuber.

She is an unmarried woman. Her full name is Sasha Rebecca Attwood.

She rose to fame after it was revealed that she was a longtime girlfriend of Jack Grealish, a professional football player. 

He plays for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team as a winger or attacking midfielder.

Sasha began her modeling career at the age of 13. She currently lives in London. She belongs to the white ethnicity and is a Christian.

Gorgeous Sasha Attwood.
Gorgeous Sasha Attwood. Source: Instagram

How Did She Meet Her Boyfriend Jack?

Sasha and Jack have been friends since their school days. They studied together in the same school in Solihull, West Midlands.

They met each other in the same school in their early days. From there, they began dating.

She always supported Jack in every situation. She was her strength. 

However, their relationship became sour after Jack started meeting Emily, even at her home and hotels.

Sasha did not like this and asked him to choose either of them.

Sasha Attwood with Jack Grealish.
Sasha Attwood with Jack Grealish. Source: Instagram


Sasha is currently 26 years old. Her birthday fell on February 17, 1996. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Net Worth

Her approximate net worth is under $1 million currently. She earns good enough throughout her modeling career. 

She earns money by working for top brands like L'Oréal and Boohoo. 

She has been linked with several other brands like Elite Product Environment, EWG Management, and J’adore Types.

Sasha Attwood's boyfriend, Jack Grealish.
Sasha Attwood's boyfriend, Jack Grealish. Source: Instagram

Sasha Receives Dangerous Messages

Receiving awful messages through social media is not new for famous celebrities these days. 

The same thing happens with the girlfriend of Jack, Sasha.

She receives nearly 200 life-threatening messages, mostly from teenage girls through social media.

She revealed this through her social media.

The television personality suggests that taking the help of the police is the best way to get through the girls responsible for these online abuses.

Sasha Reveals About Herself

Sasha opens up about her diet.

She reveals that she is looking forward to changing her lifestyle as she has been consuming many foods and drinks.

She shares about this through her YouTube channel. This made her feel exhausted. She felt like her day was not productive enough.

She did not feel well and wanted to become healthy and energetic like before by bringing some changes in her lifestyle.

She wanted to bring good changes in her, not only good but the best.

Because of going through this phase in her life, she realized that self-care is very important and often neglected by many.

About Her Boyfriend Jack Transfer

Her boyfriend is among the players responsible for changing the club at euro 100 when he left Aston Villa for Manchester City.

He signed an agreement with Aston Villa that he could leave the club only if any club offered him euro 100 before August 7.

Manchester City initiated to take him as a player and decided to make the payment in installments.

Coach Pep Guardiola assigned him the task of attacker midfielder.

More Information About Her Boyfriend

During the match, the opponent team mostly focuses on him.

2020-2021 is the year for him since he pleased everyone with his outstanding performances in his football career.

He loved Aston Villa. He can not be fully considered English since his grandparents belonged to the Irish ethnicity.

He played Gaelic football from 10 to 14 and even won the Irish U17 title player of the year.

During the initial days of his football career, he refused to play for England. He loves being with his family and loves them unconditionally.

He is part of 20 successful Premier League matches. The pitch invader attacked him at Birmingham City during the Second City Derby.

He has been through several controversies. Some examples are inhaling laughing gas and being forbidden to drive because of his reckless driving.

He is a superstitious person.

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