Who Is Sasha Ellis? Sister Of Aunjanue Ellis

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Sasha Ellis is Aunjanue Ellis's sister, a famous American actress. She has done many hit movies like Undercover Brother, Ray, etc. 

About Her Childhood

Sasha and Aunjanue were raised together. Her sister, Aunjanue, is a very talented and diligent woman. 

She is a hardworking woman who has achieved fame, proved why she is still relevant, and has been in the limelight for over two decades. 

She was born on 21 February in San Francisco, USA. She has a sibling named Sasha Ellis. 

Both sisters were raised by their grandmother and mother at McComb in Mississippi farm

Her parents' identities are not revealed. She was very passionate about acting from her childhood days. 

She often performed recitations and skits at New Home Baptist Church. These things helped her to develop her acting skills.

She studied at Tougaloo College but later transferred to Brown University. She graduated with a BA in African American Studies

While studying at Brown University, her passion for acting became stronger, and she made her acting debut in a student play.

Sasha Ellis's sister Aunjanue Ellis.
Sasha Ellis's sister Aunjanue Ellis. Source: Pinterest


Sasha's age is not revealed yet. However, her sister is 54 years old.

Net Worth

As an actor, Aunjanue's net worth is about 6 Million Dollars.

Aunjanue Shared About Her Role In King Richard

Aunjanue played the role of Oracene Price in the movie “King Richard” and shared how she prepared for her character. 

She wanted to show that Oracene was more than just a decoration in the story. 

To understand her better, Ellis listened to recordings of Oracene and learned about her role as a coach and a mother. 

She also went to a Jehovah’s Witness worship service to get a sense of the experiences of black women of faith as Oracene followed that faith. 

She said filming the movie during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging, but Ellis is happy with the film's unexpected success. 

She worked hard to portray Oraccene meaningfully, and it seems like her effort paid off.

Aunjanue On Her Sexuality And Being Bisexual

During the Essence Black Women In Hollywood Awards on March 24, Aunjanue was nominated for an Oscar

She wore a red-hot Dolce and Gabbana suit jacket. On the left arm of her jacket, the word “Queer” was spelled out in rhinestones. 

However, no one on the press line or inside the event asked her.

She didn't expect a big reaction; only one family member noticed it. That family member already knew that Ellis was bisexual. 

Ellis has always been open about her sexuality with her family and friends in Mississippi

When she proudly expressed her sexuality by wearing “Queer” on her jacket, one of her family members felt hurt by her choice to be so open about it in public.

Growing up in a God-fearing family in the conservative Bible Belt, her family’s attitude towards her sexuality has changed. 

They seem okay when she is with her gay friends in New York, but they prefer her not to be so open about it or bring it up with them in their home. 

Aunjaune acknowledges that she and her family are still learning and evolving in understanding each other’s perspectives. 

She has feared being rejected since she was eight years old and realized she was queer.

As a teenager, she tried to force herself to be attracted to boys, but later on, she understood herself and began to open up about it.

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