Who Is Savannah O’Leary? Daughter Of Kevin O'Leary

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Who Is Savannah O’Leary? Daughter Of Kevin O'Leary

Savannah O’Leary is the daughter of Canadian businessman, investor, Journalist, and TV personality Kevin O'Leary. 

She was born in the year 1993 to her parents. Her mother’s name is Linda O’Leary.

She has a younger brother, Trevor. She is into directing and video making. She is a Canadian citizen by nationality.

Savannah O’Leary with her parents and brother.
Savannah O’Leary with her parents and brother. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Savannah’s Parents 

Savannah’s dad, Kevin, and mom, Linda, have been married to each other since 1990.

Savannah and her brother Trevor are the only kids of their parents. 

Her parents have a great marriage, and her dad, Kevin, often talks about his kids and children in interviews. 

Kevin has been involved in entrepreneurship for a very long time and has also been a part of a show called Shark Tank.

Savannah and her brother grew up watching their dad on the show, and they still watch. 

According to her father, entrepreneurship gave him money and freedom. Because of that, he got to spend and create memories with his family.

Parents of Savannah O’Leary.
Parents of Savannah O’Leary. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Savannah is 29 years old. She has a net worth of $300,000. Her sources of income are direction and video making

Savannah’s Dad’s Advice Worked For Her 

Savannah’s dad is one of the millionaires. Her dad is a prominent businessman and has achieved great success through hard work. 

As he is into business and knows so much about it, his dad was the one who helped her get a job. 

After Savannah graduated from college, her dad suggested she write a resume and told her not to write more than 1 page. 

She was also told to write three paragraphs in her 1-page resume and suggested she mention how she would help her employer to make their business successful. 

She took his dad’s advice seriously and did precisely what he told her to do. 

She made sure to mention her contribution to making her employer's business successful, and she got her job in no time. 

Her dad’s suggestion worked quite well for her. 

Savannah Will Get Nothing From Her Dad 

Savannah and her brother Trevor are the two children of their parents. Her dad has a net worth of $500 Million

However, neither their brother will pay off their father’s money in the future. 

Her dad has cut off them from his finances so they won’t inherit them. 

Even when they were child, her dad used to give them a monthly allowance. 

They had to do specific work to get money from their dad. 

Her dad did that because he wanted to teach Savannah and her brother the value of money and time. 

He told his children that he wouldn’t give them a dime after they finished college. 

If they needed money, they had to earn it themselves. Savannah‘s grandma did the same to Kevin

Savannah’s Mom Killed Two People 

Savannah's mom, Linda, was charged with killing two people back in 2019. 

Her parents went to a cottage where her mom and dad went for a boat ride. 

They were heading back to the cottage where they were staying when their boat hit something. 

According to Savannah’s dad, Kevin, it was dark that night, and he and Linda were having a good time. 

He said during testimony that he doesn’t clearly remember if Linda had alcohol to cause the accident. 

There was no moon when they were heading to the cottage, but suddenly their boat hit something. They didn’t know what it was. 

It took them white to realize that it hit another boat and killed a person. 

There were two people on the boat; one died on the spot, whereas one died at the hospital during treatment. 

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