Who Is Saxon Musk? Son Of Elon Musk

by Pragya Sun Jan 01 2023 Updated On Sun Jan 15 2023
Who Is Saxon Musk? Son Of Elon Musk

Saxon is the son of business magnate and investor Elon Musk. He was born as one of the triplets to his parents. 

His mother's name is Justine Wilson. Saxon has four siblings and three half-siblings. 

He is currently studying in school. He was born in 2006 and has his birthday on January 1. He is a Canadian-American citizen

Married Life Of Saxon's Parents 

Saxon's mom Justine and dad, Elon, married each other in 2000. His mom was the first wife of Elon

Elon and Justine met at Queen's University, where they both attended.

They welcomed their first child two years after their marriage, but sadly he died after 10 months. 

After the death of their first child, they both decided to bring the child through IVF in 2004, they welcomed twins, and in 2006, they welcomed triplets.  

Elon and Justine were married until 2008, and after that, they divorced. After the divorce, both of them agreed to co-parent their children together.  

Parents of Saxon Musk.
Parents of Saxon Musk. Source: Pinterest

Why Did Saxon's Parents Separate?

Saxon's mom and dad got separated because his mother, Justine, was not happy with his father. 

According to Justine, Elon was dominant and had a male ego, treating her like a staff working for him. 

As Elon had his own business, he was always busy with his work which made Justine deprived of romance in her life. 

She realized she was unhappy with her life and marriage, so she decided to end the marriage.

Age And Net Worth 

Saxon is 16 years old. His net worth is unknown. However, his dad Elon has a net worth of $145.7 Billion

His source of income is business and investing.

Saxon Was Born Through IVF 

Saxon is one of the triplet children of Elon and Jennifer.

They were the third-born children of Elon and Jennifer, as they lost a baby earlier in a natural birth. 

Before the triplets were born, Jennifer went through natural birth for her first baby. 

Although the delivery was successful, within 10 weeks, the child faced death. 

While burying the child, Jennifer and Elon felt broken and decided they would not go for the natural birth again. 

Hence they visited the IVF clinic and tried to produce babies with the help of science. 

Not just Saxon but the twin children before the triplets were also produced by IVF.

Saxon Doesn’t Go On Normal School

Unlike any other children, Saxon doesn’t go to a normal school and has a normal education. 

Instead, he goes to a school named Ad Astra, founded by his father. Not just he but all his siblings go to the same school. 

This school is different from other schools as it provides education like AI, Coding, and applied science.

There are only 40 students in the school, including Saxon. Only the children of the staff of Space X go to that school.

Elon Was Once In Great Debt

Elon might be one of the richest people in the world, but in his early life, he struggled to pay his debt. 

Although he had a business mind since childhood, he couldn’t afford his college fees. 

He did make a game at the age of 12 and sold it to a company at $500, but while studying, he had to depend on a student loan. 

He was in debt total of $100000. He dropped out in the middle of the college year because he was not so interested and his debt was just increasing. 

To pay the debt, he had to work a lot harder. He even worked as a cleaner for just $18 an hour. 

He successfully paid the debt by doing many works for a long time.

Elon Smoked Weed In Podcast

In 2018 he appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast as a guest, and to the surprise of everyone looking at him, he smoked weed in the middle of the podcast. 

It was one of the most surprising things in podcast history, and he was over the night the meme sensation. 

When asked about it, he revealed that he had never smoked marijuana ever in his life before that. 

Also, on that day, he was not planning to do so, but he didn’t want to maintain the stereotype of the CEO, and hence to his surprise, he smoked weed. 

It was the first time, so he didn’t even know how to smoke. Many people then said that he is the person that smokes weed in every podcast. 

But he said that it was just for one time.

Elon Planned To Help The Humanity

Elon bought Twitter in quite a controversial way. 

But before buying Twitter, he came out publicly to express himself and his ideas to the world. 

From what he has said, he wanted to buy Twitter to make it a private company. 

He wanted to hold 100 percent of the shares in the company and run it in his way. 

He wanted people to speak freely without any restrictions on the Twitter platform and wanted Twitter to be the platform with no fear of being banned or sued. 

He expressed that he wanted Twitter not to earn more money or increase his worth. 

All he wanted by buying Twitter was to help humanity with the freedom of speech.

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