Who Is Schyler York? Daughter Of John J. York

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Who Is Schyler York? Daughter Of John J. York

Schyler York is the daughter of John J. York, an American actor. Her mother is Vicki Manner

She is the only child of her parents. She is American.

Parents of Schyler York.
Parents of Schyler York. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Schyler is married. She married Mike Smith in 2016. She has two children, a boy and a girl, with her husband. 

Schyler York with his wife, Mike Smith.
Schyler York with his wife, Mike Smith. Source: Twitter

Father Is Going Through Challenging Health Issue

Her father, John, is best known for his role as Mac Scorpio on General Hospital. He recently shared some personal news that he is battling two types of cancer.

He is facing a challenging health situation as he has been diagnosed with two types of cancer: Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma

John is staying positive and determined to fight these diseases despite challenging circumstances. 

He has been working with Be the Match, which helps connect patients needing blood stem cell transplants with compatible donors. 

John has undergone several medical procedures, including bone marrow biopsies and chemotherapy treatments. 

He is now getting ready for a blood stem cell transplant, and they seem to have found a perfect match for him. 

The transplant is expected to take place in November if all goes well. 

John encourages fans and anyone interested to consider a donor through Be the Match to save someone’s life. 

Schyler York's parents and children.
Schyler York's parents and children. Source: Twitter


Schyler was born in 1991. She is 32 years old as of 2023. 

Net worth

As an actor, her father John's net worth is about $100 Million.

Her Parents Are Loving Couple

John and Vicki Manners met 35 years ago while auditioning for a movie role. He instantly fell for her, and they got married. 

He still loves her as much as he did on their first Valentine's Day together. 

John was very impressed by Vicki when he first saw her during the audition. 

He remembered what she was wearing and found her special. 

He was excited when he got a callback from the audition because it meant he could see Vicki again. 

However, he was too nervous to make the first move because he was a new actor with no money and no car. 

He even used his agent’s car to take her on a date, and their relationship started there. 

They got married in 1986. They faced the challenges of the acting industry together. 

They had a daughter named Schyler York in 1991

Having a child changed their relationship and brought new challenges and joys for them. 

Vicki has always supported John’s career; they have had a lot of fun and made many memories together. 

They travel together a lot. They are now grandparents. But their love story is still going strong. 

Schyler Made Her Father, John, Believe In God Again 

John and his family went spiritually back to his Catholic faith. 

He grew up in a Catholic family but lost his faith when he became an actor. His daughter Schyler started going to a Catholic school. 

This led to her wanting to receive Communion and officially join the Church

John followed his daughter’s journey, and he began gaining his faith. 

He realized that various people and experiences in his life were like guiding hands from God

He started praying more and found comfort and focus in his daily prayers. 

His faith also led him to see the goodness in people and the importance of helping those in need. 

He struggled with fearing God but found joy in his faith instead. 

While facing challenges, John’s faith helps him find light and hope even in dark times. 

He believes that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are always with him, guiding him through life. 

His faith is like a source of light that brings positivity and goodness into his life. 

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