Who Is Scott Sandler? Brother Of Adam Sandler

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Who Is Scott Sandler? Brother Of Adam Sandler

Scott Sandler is the older brother of actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician Adam Sandler.

His parents are Stanley Sandler and Judy Sandler. His mother was a nursery school teacher, and his father was an electrical engineer

He has three siblings, Elizabeth, Valeria, and Adam. He is a graduate of Boston University of Law. He works in the legal field. 

Parents of Scott Sandler.
Parents of Scott Sandler. Source: Facebook

Adam's Married Life

Adam is happily married to Jackie Titone. They met each other in 1999 on the set of Big Daddy

His wife started her career as a model and later stepped into acting. They tied the knot in 2003 at Dick Clark's Oceanfront Malibu Estate

They welcomed their firstborn in 2006. Two years later, they again welcomed a baby girl. 

Adam and Jackie love spending time with each other and have each other's support. 

Scott Sandler's brother Adam Sandler.
Scott Sandler's brother Adam Sandler. Source: Instagram


Scott's brother Adam is 56 years old.

Net Worth

Scott's brother Adam's net worth is estimated at $440 million.

Scott Sandler with his mother.
Scott Sandler with his mother. Source: Pinterest

Adam Shared A Funny Incident That Happened During His Hip Surgery

Adam had gone through hip surgery. 

He shared that on his operation day, he was sitting on his bed, and an anesthesiologist said they would give him a light drug to knock him down before taking him to the operating room. 

He asked what music he would like to listen to during the surgery. 

He was taken aback and asked why he would listen to music there. Then he replied that they would like to keep it fun during the surgery. 

He was already on drugs, so he said he was listening to Dolly Parton while coming to the hospital. 

They brought him to the operation room and then drugged him at the bottom half of his body to numb his hip. 

A man was holding his body and his face was near to his face. Suddenly the rock music started. 

The man was asking questions to him, but he was so high on drugs that he couldn’t understand anything and thought he had already answered his question. 

The man nodded at him and said goodbye, and he uttered that the song was not Dolly Parton

Adam Talked About The Time He Met Jennifer Aniston For The First Time

Adam and Jennifer share good chemistry on screen. But they share a very close bond off-camera. 

They have known each other for more than three decades now. Adam met Jennifer when he was 22 years, and she was 20 years old.

Adam has a clear memory of their first met. He said that they met at Delicatessen

He shared that she was with a friend, who was his friend, too, so he sat down with them. 

He shared that Jennifer had eggs, and he had French toast.

Adam Felt Terrible After He Shaved His Beard

Adam is the lead cast of the upcoming American science fiction drama Spaceman. He shot for the movie almost a year ago. 

The movie's director asked him to grow his beard for the film, so he grew his beard. 

When the director looked at him from every angle with his beard on, he felt good as his beard was blocking the bad stuff. 

However, at the movie's end, he had to shave his beard off because he had to shoot for what he was like when he was younger. 

He shaved his beard, and he was okay with it. 

After they were done with the shot, he looked at the playback of the image, and he felt that he looked terrible without his beard, so he drew it back immediately.

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