Who Is Scott Senechal? Ex-Husband Of Annie Potts

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Who Is Scott Senechal? Ex-Husband Of Annie Potts

Scott Senechal is the ex-husband of Annie Potts, who is an American actress. He is a director and producer. They have a son named Clay.

Scott Senechal's ex-wife and their son.
Scott Senechal's ex-wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Scott Is The Third Husband Of Annie

Annie and Scott were once married. Scott was her third husband from 1981 to 1989

They have a son named Clay Senechal. Scott was born on April 10, 1948

He is known for his work as an assistant director and producer in movies like They Live in 1988, Natural Born Killers in 1994, and Rain Man in 1988

Annie is famous for her role as Janine Melnitz, the quirky secretary in the comedy film Ghostbusters

She gained a lot of fans for her portrayal of Janine, and it is one of her most memorable roles.  

Annie has been married four times. Her first husband was Steven Hartley from 1979 to 1978

After that, her second husband was Greg Antonacci from 1978 to 1979

Her third husband was Scott from 1981 to 1989

Her fourth spouse is James Hayman. They got married in 1990, and they are still together. 

Scott Senechal with his ex-wife, Annie Potts.
Scott Senechal with his ex-wife, Annie Potts. Source: Pinterest


Scott was born on April 10, 1948. He is 75 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

As an actress, Scott's ex-wife Annie’s net worth is about $8 million

Iain Armitage Shared A Heartfelt Message For Annie On Facebook

Annie plays the role of Meemaw on the show Young Sheldon.

Iain Armitage, who plays Young Sheldon, shared a heartfelt message on Facebook to Annie

He expressed his love for her and recounted fond memories of their time together on set. 

They share a special bond beyond acting with Iain, considering Annie is a real family member.

Iain praised Annie for her fun and adventurous personality, mentioning how they used to go on walks and she would let him collect bugs in her pockets. 

He also mentioned her skills, like making great quesadillas and throwing fabulous Halloween parties.

Iain expressed his joy at being Annie's practice grandson on the show and how it’s been a dream for him. 

He promised fans the best season finale and shared a photo with his on-screen siblings, expressing love for his TV family. 

Annie Shared Her Experience On The Show Young Sheldon

Annie talked about her experience working with Sheldon Cooper on the show. 

She mentioned taking inspiration for her role from Dolly Parton’s Mimosa character. 

Annie described feeling an instant connection with Sheldon, sharing interests like rock and roll music and magic tricks. 

She highlighted funny moments on set, like Sheldon’s non-catching wallet and helping the kids with their language skills. 

Annie, known for playing Beverly Hofstadter on The Big Ban Theory, shared a funny incident where one of her co-stars mistakenly thought her character was believed to be dead. 

She humorously reacted to the situation and encouraged viewers to subscribe to the show’s YouTube channel for more content. 

Annie's Remarkable Career

Annie has had a remarkable career and has gathered valuable life lessons. 

She embraces a philosophy that everything goes with everything, even when it comes to fashion. 

She was born in Nashville and raised in Kentucky. Acting was her passion, and she had no backup plan. 

Her life took a positive turn in recent years with her role in Young Sheldon

Before that, she faced a career slump, and she and her husband decided to move to Louisiana

However, fate brought her back to Los Angeles when she was offered a role in the hit series. 

Despite initial doubts about the move, she is now enjoying her time on the show, which has been renewed for two more seasons. 

Annie shared about her love life and her career. 

She highlights the importance of being open to change and taking unexpected opportunities. 

Despite the challenges, she finds joy in her work and values the things on the set of Young Sheldon, where everyone is happy to be part of the show. 

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