Scott Speedman

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Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman is a British-Canadian actor well known for his role as Ben Covington in the television series Felicity

He was born to Mary Campbell and Roy Speedman. He had a sister who died from Cancer. He is a British-Canadian citizen. 

Relationship Status Of Scott Speedman

Scott was in a relationship with Ken Russell previously. They met each other on the set of the movie. 

They worked together and later started to have an affair with each other. 

They played as an on-screen couple in that movie; however, they started dating in real life. 

They kept their relationship very private but somehow, it was publicly known after they were spotted hanging out together. 

They dated for some months and ended their relationship.

After that, he got into a relationship with Lindsay Rae Hofmann. They started dating in 2016

They opened up about their relationship through social media. His partner Lindsay is caught posting many pictures of them together. 

As of 2021, they are parents of a child. They welcomed their baby girl on November 26, 2021. They named her Pfieffer Lucia.

Scott with his partner Lindsay
Scott with his partner Lindsay  Source: Instagram

About Scott Speedman 

Scott's full name is Robert Scott Speedman was born on September 1, 1975

Although he was born in Hammersmith, London, he was raised by his parents in Toronto with his sister. 

He used to be a good swimmer when he was in school. He later got interested in acting and pursued an acting career. 

He showed his first-ever appearance on television in 1995. He came to NYC to achieve more success in acting. 

Some of his movies ate The Stranger, The Vow and Duets. As of now, he is playing the lead role in the Grey's Anatomy series. 

Scott with his daughter
Scott with his daughter  Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, And Weight

His current age is 46 years old. He is six feet tall. His weight is 73 kg.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Scott is $3 Million. His source of income is acting. The yearly income of the actor is $40,860 per year.  

Scott Speedman Was An Athlete Until An Injury

Scott from more than a decade is known among people as a brilliant actor. 

He has provided a lot of the finest work possible in acting and has been part of many golden movies. 

But few people know that he was not always an actor. He started as an athlete

He was a professional swimmer and had participated in Olympic trial games. He was a brilliant swimmer and had a great future. 

But his career as a swimmer didn't last long because of his injury. Because of hard training, he created a problem in his arm's nerve. 

The problem didn't stop him from swimming but did slow him down. 

He could not compete with the professional swimmers, and eventually, he quit swimming. 

Well, his decision ended him in acting, which he is fortunate about.

Does Scott Believe In Maintaining Privacy?

Scott is many people's favorite actor who has been in this industry for such a long time. 

His fans want to know more about him and follow his daily activities. But for Scott, he seems to enjoy his privacy. 

He is a very private guy as he, even in this era, doesn't have any social media account. 

He believes in keeping the gap between private and professional life. Hence he only talks to the media about professional stuff.

Scott Faced Ageism In The Set

Scott has been the topmost actor for a decade. His acting have been people's favorite for such a long time. 

Not only acting but his body and abs are also something that attracts people to see him. 

But now, something is bothering him to show his body in the movies. He was the victim of ageism in one of the movies. 

When he was taking off his shirt for the scene in the movie, he was told to wear the shirt. 

His junior actors were taking off their shirts for the scene, and in addition, it was a bathing scene. 

It made him feel insecure about his age, and he expressed this in Stephen Colbert Monday night show that he was old for shirtless scenes.

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