Who Is Sebastian Bear McClard? Husband Of Emily Ratajkowski

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Who Is Sebastian Bear McClard? Husband Of Emily Ratajkowski

Sebastian Bear McClard is the husband of American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. 

Sebastian himself is an actor and producer by profession. 

He was born to his father Micheal McClard and mother Liza Bear. His dad is an artist, and his mom is a former filmmaker.

He is an American citizen. 

Sebastian Bear McClard's wife Emily Ratajkowski and their son
Sebastian Bear McClard's wife Emily Ratajkowski and their son Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Sebastian is married to Emily, a well-known model

They started dating in 2018, and after a few weeks, they married on 23 February 2018

Talking about their children, they have a son together named Sebastian Apollo Bear, born in the year 2021.

Their marriage was a big surprise for everyone because they knew each other a year back only and gave no idea to anyone about their relationship. 

Sebastian Bear McClard with his wife Emily Ratajkowski
Sebastian Bear McClard with his wife Emily Ratajkowski Source: Instagram


Sebastian is 34  years old. His height is 5 feet 10 inches. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Sebastian is $15 Million. His source income comes as being an actor and producer

Proposed With Paper Ring 

While Sebastian was dating Emily, he took her on a date where he thought of proposing to her. 

She told that he proposed to her at Minetta Tavern, and she was upset as he didn't have a ring with him. 

So she rejected him. 

Then Sebastian took a paper which was actually the paper clip of the bill paid and made a ring with the paper and proposed to her with that. 

He proposed to Emily with a ring made up of paper. 

When Sebastian did that, she really felt that it was amazing and then accepted his proposal happily. 

Then later, they both went and bought an ounce of gold, and Sebastian told her that they will melt the gold and make a ring of it. 

Sebastian then went to a store a night before their marriage where a man told that he can help them make a ring, and he just hammered the gold and made a simple ring out of it. 

She opened up that before she thought it was just simple, and they planned that it will just be temporary, but later she felt attached to that ring. 

Wife Didn't Wear White On Wedding

Emily and Sebastian got married to each other right after dating for few weeks. 

They didn't have a normal wedding like others instead their wedding was unique. 

Both of the newlywed couples didn't wear a white dress in their ceremony. 

Their wedding ceremony took place in the City hall of Courthouse in New York

Emily said that they had a very untraditional wedding because of their outfits. 

She was unknown about the idea of marriage, and she didn't have any plans for her wedding. That's why she said that she had an untraditional marriage ceremony. 

The bride Emily was in a completely different get-up. She was wearing a mustard pantsuit with a black hat. 

The reason behind her wearing a black hat is that she didn't want to be the center of attraction for the people. 

Her husband wore a white Jumpsuit.

Challenges Being Model

Emily wrote a book titled "My Body" where she had shared her story. 

There in the book, she has shared how her modeling career made her empowered as well as powerless. 

Through her book, she wanted to tell other people that her life is not as simple as it looks and how she came through all the challenges. 

Mostly she wanted to teach the young girls about the real sides of modeling. 

As a young girl, she heard from her granddad saying not to be thankful when someone appreciates for beauty because that's not what she has earned by herself. 

She has shared some things that happened to her and had that feeling of not writing in that book, but she wanted to come out of her boundaries and share to the world, and she did. 

That's the message she wanted to give to other women too.

Emily's Nudes Leaked 

Emily was backlashed in 2017 after her nude photos got leaked all over the social media platform.  

The news of her nudes leakage came from Helen Woods, who received a text message which had Emily's nudes on Twitter. 

It was known that her iCloud was hacked, which leaked her 200 nudes photos.

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