Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck

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Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck is the daughter of an American actress and producer, Jennifer Garner, and actor and writer Ben Affleck.

Her Family 

Her father's name is Ben Affleck, an actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, and Philanthropist. 

He was born on August 15, 1972. Her mother's name is Jennifer Garner. She was born on April 17, 1972, in Houston, Texas, United States.

Her parents got married back in 2005. The couple welcomed three children in total.

Seraphina has one big sister, Violet Affleck, an actress and three years older than Seraphina.

She also has one younger brother named Samuel Garner Affleck, who is three years younger than her.

Seraphina with her mother and siblings
Seraphina with her mother and siblings  Source: YouTube 

About Mother 

Jennifer was born on April 17, 1972, in Houston, Texas, to a well-educated family.

Her mother, Patricia Ann English, was an English teacher, and her father, William John Garner, is a Chemical engineer.

She has two sisters, Susannah Kay Garner Carpenter, and Melissa Garner Wylie.

She moved to Charleston, West Virginia, with her family at the age of three.

Her father, William, was very conservative towards his daughter.

In their teenage years, Jennifer and her two sisters were not allowed to wear any makeup, pierce their ears, dye their hair or paint their nails.

Jennifer went to Vacation Bible School and used to attend local church every Sunday.

In 1994, she graduated with a degree in theatre performance.

Back in the 1990s, when she was a college student, she did summer stock theatre.

Alongside her performance, she used to build sets, helped to sell tickets, and clean the venues.

After graduating with a degree in theatre performance, she moved to New York City.

Jennifer earned $150 per week as an understudy for a Theatre production company. She made her first on-screen appearance in a minor role. 

Then started playing other side roles in different movies and television shows. In 1997, after moving to Los Angeles from New York City

Jennifer gained her first leading role in the movie television Rose Hill.

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck mother Jennifer 
Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck mother Jennifer     Source: Instagram

In 2001, Jennifer was cast as the star of the ABC spy thriller Alias.

She played the role of Sydney Anne Bristow which is a fictional character. The show creator wrote the part about Sydney, keeping Jennifer in his mind. 

In the series Alias, Jennifer played five seasons between 2001 and 2006.

She played her role from $40,000 per episode in the bargaining and was paid $150,000 per episode by the series' end.

She also won awards and also was nominated four times during the show run for different awards.

Known As A Fun Killer Mom

Seraphina's mother, Jennifer, gave an interview to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" where she talked about her children and how they represent her as the fun killer. 

Jennifer is a doctor who completed her studies at Denison University. Jennifer talked about being bad at giving high five to people, which was funny. She gives a high-five to people in a very powerful way. 

She also talked about her movie and the director of the movie is Miguel Arteta. Jennifer played in the movie named Yes Day, which will be completely based on books related to children. 

That child book is about a mother who only says yes to their children only one day of the year, and she enjoyed doing that story. She is very lazy, and she keeps saying no to everything, so that's why her children have named her a fun killer. 

Jennifer is also a representative of the foundation named Save the Children, which works for the welfare of kids, and she had been working there for many years, and that day when she was there for the interview, she also had to attend the 100th anniversary of Save the Children organization. 

She spoke that the organization's main motive is to support needy kids, and that organization has been serving those broken kids for 100 years. 

The organization is doing as possible things to give proper education and trying to protect from child marriage and infant mortality. 

As a representative of the organization, she works in America for children living their lives in poverty, which is a great thing. 

Mother First Marriage

On October 19, 2000, Jennifer was married to actor Scott Foley. She met Scott on the set of Felicity in 1998.

But the marriage only lasted for three years. Their divorce papers were signed in March 2004, citing irreconcilable differences.

Jennifer with her ex-husband Scott Foley
Jennifer with her ex-husband Scott Foley Source: YouTube

Parents Married Life

After her first divorce from her first husband, Scott, Jennifer started dating her Alias co-star Michael Vartan.

Then in mid-2004, she started dating Ben Affleck.
After dating for about one year, the beautiful pair married on June 29, 2005, in a private ceremony.

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck parents
Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck parents  Source: YouTube 

The couple welcomed three children in total. Two daughters Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose, and a son, Samuel Garner.

After ten years of marriage, in June 2015, the couple announced their intention to divorce. In October 2018, their divorce was finalized.

Though they are not together, they maintain a good relationship and co-parent their children together.

Jennifer's Whole Family Got Lice

Jennifer Garner was interviewed on the show podcast" The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

There she opened up about how her whole family had got lice over their head and had to meet George Clooney with those lice on her head.

The way she explained those things made that interview funny. 

Some years ago, Jennifer and her husband and children got lice over their heads. 

She opened up that she had to keep her head scratching all day because of those lice.

At the very start of the interview, Jennifer said that she received a call from her daughter's school saying to pick her daughter up from school because she got lice over her head. 

Jennifer also said that she went to George Clooney's party being messy and nasty. 

She was in her home with her nasty get-up and thought of taking a shower, but suddenly her husband came to her and asked her to join a party with him. 

She didn't feel like attending the party because of those lice in her head, and she was feeling really dirty. 

But her husband Ben insisted on her and she couldn't deny that. They also had a babysitter for their children, so she agreed. 

She thought that nobody at the party would have time to focus on her lice, so she went to the party with Ben

When she got there, she first saw George Clooney, and she was so surprised as it was her first time seeing George

She got excited and thought that he was very handsome. She then talked to him, but she realized that George could smell her, but he didn't react. 

Instead, he was trying his best to be polite to her. That was the only time her family had that problem, and now they are completely fine. 

Net Worth

She is twelve years old, while her mother income and net worth are structured below:

 Seraphina Rose Elizabeth AffleckJennifer Garner  (mother)
Net worth Unknown $80 million 
Source Unknown American actress and producer

Age, Height and, Weight 

  1. She was born in January 2009.
  2. She is twelve years old.
  3. She is American.

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