Shani Van Mieghem – Meet Wife Of Toby Alderweireld

by Manisha Sat Aug 05 2023 Updated On Tue Mar 26 2024
Shani Van Mieghem – Meet Wife Of Toby Alderweireld

Shani Van Mieghem is the wife of Belgian football player Toby Alderweireld, who currently plays for Royal Antwerp FC and Belgium National Football Team

She was born on May 18, 1993, in Belgium. She is a dressage rider and has participated in many regional-level competitions. 

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Shani Van Mieghem with her husband Toby Alderweireld
Shani Van Mieghem with her husband Toby Alderweireld. Source: Instagram 

Married life

Shani and her husband were childhood sweethearts. She has been with him since the beginning of his football career. 

They got married on June 29, 2015, in a lavish wedding ceremony in Ekeren, Antwerp

Toby posted pictures of their wedding day on his social media and said there were no words to describe that day. 

He also claimed his big day to be the best day of his life. He thanked everyone who made that day possible, including his friends and family. 

For their honeymoon, they chose Bali, Indonesia, where they had romantic dinners and spent some time with elephants.

In May 2018, Toby took to his Instagram to announce the good news that they were expecting their first baby. 

He posed a picture of three shoes on the beach with the couple's date of birth and their child's born date written on the sand. 

He captioned the post as two are becoming three.

They welcomed their first baby, a daughter, in September 2018 and named her Ayla Alderweireld

They welcomed their secondborn, a son, in February 2020 and named him Jace Alderweireld.

Shani Van Mieghem with her husband Toby Alderweireld and children
Shani Van Mieghem with her husband Toby Alderweireld and children. Source: Instagram 


Shani Van Mieghem is 30 years old

Net worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $7.5 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional footballer.

Toby talked about joining Royal Antwerp FC

Toby signed a three-year deal with Royal Antwerp in 2022

In his interview, Toby said he was happy to be in such a beautiful club and he didn't have the exact words to describe his feelings. 

He said he has always been a supporter of the club. 

He said the club holds a great history and it offers big ambition to players. He said he was proud to be part of the Antwerp family

He said it was special to him as he was back to his home, and he has his friends and family close to him, and it will motivate him even more. 

He said he was going for jersey number 23 as his lucky number is three, and he had that number on his jersey. 

He added his wife and friends also love the number 23. He said he had joined the club to achieve more success with them. 

He assured that he was going to help his team in the best possible way. 

He said he has lots of experience at the highest level, which will be useful for the team. 

He said he was well aware of Belgian competition and was ready for the challenge. He said he wanted to make his fans and team proud. 

He said he has worked on his physicality during summer break. 

Toby signed his second contract with Tottenham Hotspur in 2019

Toby signed a five-year deal contract with Tottenham Hotspur in 2015, and he extended his contract with the club in 2019 till 2023

He said it was his honor to play with the club for so long, and he was happy to take his career to another level with the club. 

He has played many seasons and leagues with the club. 

He said he was happy that he made a good connection with fans from the beginning. 

He said he has huge respect for the club, he loved the club, and the club has also shown him the same amount of love over the years. 

He said the club was a family to him, and they have worked really well right from the beginning. 

Toby is campaigning against hate speech

Toby has been receiving negative messages such as "This week, your daughter will disappear," "God willing, your family will die," and many more. 

There have been reports of him receiving a surge of racist or discriminating messages online after his club beat Genk in the Belgian League playoffs and also after his club won the league title with the help of Toby's long-range strike in the final minutes.

After receiving much hate and insults online, Toby has decided to be the face of Belgian soccer's campaign against hate speech. Toby said,

You can tell yourself it is online, that it was quickly written, so it must not mean anything. But there are limits. Threatening someone goes much too far, and we can't accept that. Everyone has the right to be angry, to be upset, even to hate someone but you mustn't share it with the outside world. 

Toby even requested the players, fans and referees to be uncompromising. He was compelled to take action after his family was threatened. 

He said the police took it very seriously and identified the suspect quickly. 

He also added that those people are going to be tracked down, and police will come and arrest them. 

People cannot feel like they are behind a computer, so they can do whatever they want. This campaign is going to make people maybe think twice. 

The Belgian Federation (RBFA) also said that they are using a test version of an online tool developed by FIFA in August 2023 that can automatically delete harmful comments on social media channels. 

By far, they have deleted about 1200 comments related to hate speech, racism, and discrimination. 

RBFA is planning to make this AI tool available to all international players.

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