Shannon Benson

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Shannon Benson

Shannon Benson is the mother of American actress, model and singer Ashley Benson. She is married to Jeff Benson

She has two children with Jeff, and both are daughters. She follows the Christian religion. She is an American citizen by nationality. 

Family of Shannon Benson
Family of Shannon Benson  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Ashley Benson 

Ashley is bisexual by her sexuality. She has dated men as well as women in her life. 

She was in a relationship with Ryan Good previously. The couple dated back in 2011.

They relationship was on and off till 2016 when they finally decided to end it.

After that, she was in a relationship with Cara Delevingne, a model. They were spotted kissing in public.

They dated for nearly two years till 2020, and between that time, they were caught at many places spending time with each other. 

In 2020 after breaking up with Cara, Ashley dated G-Easy. Their love affairs didn't long last. As of 2021, she is single.

Shannon Benson with her daughter
Shannon Benson with her daughter  Source: Instagram 

About Ashley Benson 

Ashley is an American actress, model and singer born on December 18, 1989. Her full name is Ashley Victoria Benson

She was born to Shannon and Jeff Benson and was raised by them with her sister in California

As she was interested in music from an early age, she chose a music career. After that, she started acting too. 

She has appeared in many series. She is well known for her play in the drama series Pretty Little Liars as Hanna Marin

She has also played in many movies.

Shannon Benson daughter Ashley
Shannon Benson daughter Ashley  Source: Instagram 


Her current age is 60.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ashley is $10 Million. Her source of income comes as being a model, singer and actress

The average income of an actress is $218,000 per year.

Shannon Benson Finally Became Cancer-Free

Shannon is the mother of a famous actress, singer and model Ashley Benson. For a long time, Shannon had cancer. 

She had hard time tackling the disease, which was her worst nightmare. But in 2020, Shannon finally got good news. 

Shannon had been regularly going to chemotherapy since her cancer was diagnosed, but in September of 2020, she had her last day of chemotherapy. 

Shannon was officially free from cancer, and she recovered fully.

She and her daughters shared good news among her friends, family and well-wishers. 

Shannon Benson with her husband on their wedding day
Shannon Benson with her husband on their wedding day  Source: Instagram

Ashley Broke Up With G-Eazy 

Ashley is a flawless singer and actress, and G-Eazy is a famous rapper.

They have been in relationship with each other since 2020, but now they are permanently separated. 

Things didn't go well between them, and they had the worst fight. They were already having trouble with each other, and after their fight in 2021, it was all over. 

Ashley was the one who ended up their relationship. 

Not only did she break up with him, but she also deleted all his photos, comments and every single thing related to him. 

She even unfollowed him. Their relationship didn't end on a good note.

Ashley Faced An Awkward Situation

Ashley faced very awkward moment with a fangirl. She was with her friend in a spa. She was naked in the bath and the spa bath didn't have any doors. 

One of the girls saw her inside the bathing place. She recognized her and came to her. 

The girl tapped Ashley on her shoulder and tried to talk to her. She was trying to have a conversation while Ashley was naked. 

She even asked her for a selfie. It was an irritating and awkward moment for her.

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