Who Is Shari Richards? Sister Of Sanya Richards

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Who Is Shari Richards? Sister Of Sanya Richards

Shari Richards is the sister of Sanya Richards' sister, a Jamaican-American track and field athlete.

She is married to Tyrell Gatewood and has two kids, Slade and Shiloh, with her husband. She has already celebrated her 8th wedding anniversary.

Family of Shari Richards.
Family of Shari Richards. Source: Instagram

Sister Sanya Welcomed A New Baby On Christmas

Her sister, Sanya, is known from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her husband is Aaron Ross.

They got a special gift: a new baby boy named Asani Legend Archibald Ross

They also have a six-year-old son, Aaron Jermaine Ross II

It was a joyful time for the family celebrating the holiday season with their new son. 

Sanya expressed gratitude for their new family, referring to him as their SONshine

She mentioned overcoming challenges, referring to her previous miscarriage. 

But besides everything, she got pregnant and gave birth on December 25, 2023, describing it as the best Christmas gift ever. 

Sanya Richards with her husband and son.
Sanya Richards with her husband and son. Source: Instagram

Sanya's Married Life

Aaron and Sanya Ross are married. They got married in 2010. They both are good at sports and were sweethearts in college.

Aaron shared how they met by saying he noticed Sanya at a track meet. Sanya added that she was the one who went up to him in the cafeteria. 

Aaron was interested in Sanya even before they officially got together.

They also talked about their son, who is already showing signs of being competitive and athletic. 

The couple never had a serious race on the track. They talked about their sports careers and how they support each other. 

Sanya said it is essential to have someone who understands the dedication needed for sports and can provide support. 

Aaron shared that seeing Sanya’s commitment motivates him to work harder, too.  

Sanya shared that Aaron helped their relationship succeed. 

Despite facing different challenges and financial situations, they became closer through solid communication and mutual support. 

Sany earned a lot more than Aaron. They focused on supporting each other and appreciating their journeys. 

Aaron gets inspired by Sanya's dedication, which motivates him in his athletic career. 

They don’t stress about money but instead celebrate each other’s achievements. 


Shari was born on May 25, 1987. She is 36 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

As a Track and field athlete, Shari's sister Sanya's net worth is about $2.5 million.

Sanya's Heartbreaking Abortion Journey

Sanya opens up about having an abortion two weeks before the 2008 Olympics and how difficult it was. 

She appreciates Aaron’s support during that tough time and understands the difficult decision she had to make while pursuing her Olympic dreams.  

She was going through a tough time when she had to decide between pursuing her dream of winning an Olympic gold medal and starting a family. 

She shared the emotional struggle and feeling unworthy after having an abortion before the Olympics

Despite the difficult time, she felt a connection with God in Beijing and found forgiveness, and she eventually won a gold medal in another race. 

She values the importance of understanding and supporting women facing tough choices like abortion.

Aaron supports women’s choices and values the need for open discussions and planning in families. 

Shari Had A Difficult Relationship With Her Sister Sanya

Sanya talks about having a complicated relationship with her sister, Shari Richards

She feels hurt because she doesn’t get the support she needs during essential times.

Sanya describes her sister as having two personalities, one being straightforward and the other not respecting boundaries. 

Sanya wishes their relationship would return to how it used to be, but she feels like her sister is not a part of her life. 

Her sister recognizes the problems and wants to improve, but she said changing might be challenging. 

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