Who Is Sharrieff Shah Wife And Parents?

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Who Is Sharrieff Shah Wife And Parents?

Sharrieff Shah is an American football coach and former football player. He is also a lawyer and NFLPA-certified agent.

He was born in the year 1971 to his parents. He has his birthday on January 29.

Naim Shah and Ava Shah are the names of his dad and mom. 

Sharrieff Shah and wife Jen Shah.
Sharrieff Shah and wife Jen Shah. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Sharrieff is currently married to his wife, Jennifer Shah. He met Jennifer in college, and since then, they have been in a relationship. 

They finally tied the knot in 1994. 

Sharrieff Shah with his wife Jen Shah.
Sharrieff Shah with his wife, Jen Shah. Source: Instagram

Her wife Jennifer, aka Jen, is well known for her appearance in the reality TV show Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. 

Sharrieff and Jen welcomed their first son Sharrieff Jr in the same year of their marriage.

Their second son Omar was born in 2003. His eldest son is currently working as an orthopedic medical assistant, and his youngest son is in college and plays for his college's football team.

Sharrieff Shah with his children.
Sharrieff Shah with his children. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Sharrieff is 52 years old. He has a net worth of $3 Million. His source of income is lawyer, coaching, and agent. 

Sharrieff Decided To Leave Jen 

Sharrieff and Jen, as a couple, got into media together in the first season of Real Housewives Salt Lake City, where the couple looked very strong and understanding. 

They were not the perfect couple, but they were in their good days as a couple. 

But in some course, Jen lost his father, which changed Jen as a person. 

Jen was mentally broken and started to show a different face. She used to get angry and irritated more often in small matters. 

This started to create a significant problem between Sharrieff and Jen. Sharrieff, on the other hand, was busy with his coaching job. 

So he couldn't be there with Jen. Naturally, this made Jen more mentally frustrated. 

Looking at Jen's changing behavior, Sharrieff decided to leave Jen, which shocked Jen. 

But Sharrieff and his sons decided to send her to therapy. The therapy brought a change in her, but she couldn't be acceptable. 

Sharrieff then decided to stay with Jen.

Sharrieff As A Supportive Husband 

Sharrieff had many problems with Jen and her behavior for a long time. 

Still, for the sake of their children and family, he decided to stay with her. 

But Jen eventually got into a legal mesh. She was doing a fake business scamming older adults. 

Sharrieff didn't focus on Jen's business or personal life, so he didn't know what was happening. 

On the other hand, Jen and her business partner scammed millions of older adults.

After the officials found her scam, she was on the verge of arrest. 

After this truth was in front of Sharrieff, he almost divorced Jen.

Sharrieff was very serious about it, but they decided to go to the couple's consultant. 

Fortunately, it worked out for them. Sharrieff and Jen decided to give their relationship one more chance. 

But this time, Jen was arrested for her crime of scam. She was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison, leaving Sharrieff and their children.

Sharrieff Has To Pay For Jen's Crime

Sharrieff's wife, Jen, was arrested for the crime she committed by scamming innocent people. 

For her crime, she was fined a total of $9 Million. But as she has been in jail for 6.5 years, it’s evident that she cannot pay the fine.

Even if she works day and night in prison, she can only earn $50 to $60 monthly. 

So she can't pay her fine. After the completion of her days in prison, even if she earns a significant amount of money, she won't be able to pay her fine. 

So finally, the government official has to take the money from Sharrieff himself. 

Officials will calculate the joint income of Sharrieff and Jen as they are married and has shared their life.

Sharrieff Got Judged By People For Supporting His Wife

Sharrieff is a known football coach and a reputed lawyer by his profession. 

His wife Jen is known for her appearance in RHOSLC, and because of that, Sharrieff has also been captured in the camera. 

Many co-stars of that reality TV show have claimed that Jen is aggressive and mean toward them for no reason. 

Many stars don’t like Jen's behavior and have been offended by her many times. 

Despite Jen's behavior, Sharrieff has supported her and is always seen comforting her backstage. 

Because of that, fans judged him for being unnecessarily supportive of her, knowing that she was wrong and rude to other female stars. 

They even claimed that Sharrieff treats Jen like a baby rather than his wife, and because of his behavior toward Jen, the audience has backlashed him. 

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