Who Is Shea Cerveny? Ex-Wife Of Mike Flanagan

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Shea Cerveny is the ex-wife of filmmaker and director Mike Flanagan, known for his work in horror films. 

They got married in 2005 and parted ways in 2010. They do not have kids from their marriage. 

She is an actress, makeup artist, and producer

She has worked on projects like Ghosts of Hamilton Street and Oculus- The Man with the Plan

Who Is Mike's Current Wife?

Mike is married to actress Kate Siegel. They met on the set of a horror movie in 2013

They are parents to their two beautiful kids. They tied the knot in 2016. Their wedding was a very intimate affair. 

They have worked on several projects. 

Mike Flanagan with his current wife, Kate Siegel.
Mike Flanagan with his current wife, Kate Siegel. Source: POPSUGAR


Shea was born in 1979, and her current age is 44 years old.

Net Worth

Her ex-husband's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

What Scares Mike The Most?

Mike said that he used to be very scared when he was a kid and was terrified to go to the bathroom. 

He said he feared being alone. He said he used to be scared when no one was around him. 

Mike Talked About Who He Evolved As Filmmaker, Especially In Horror Movies

Mike said the more he explored the horror genre, the braver he became. 

He said when he got to the scary part while making movies, it made him brave. 

He said his love for horror movies grew because he used to get scared when he was a kid, and such movies helped him to be brave. 

He said he used to get scared of his own shadow and used to hide behind the couch. 

He put his foot into horror by starting to read horror novels as she was too scared to watch horror movies. 

He said he started to observe things differently. He said the genre has helped him to grow as a person. 

He said the exciting thing about the horror genre is that it can serve as a mirror and allow people to have an end-of-life moment early in a controlled, safe space. 

Mike Does Not Like Horror Video Games

Mike said he also gets scared, and he especially does not like horror video games. 

He said when he was in college, he watched his friends play Resident Evil, and he used to watch, hiding his face with his eyes closed. 

He shared he has been uncomfortable watching scary things since he was little.

Flanagan Talks About The Beauty Of Horror Movies

Mike said when making horror movies, he never felt scared. He added the experience was rather comedy instead of spooky. 

He said the timing and rhythm should be matched, and everyone on the set enjoyed making horror movies. 

He said the makeup process and sets and props are fun to create. He said the horror stuffs the expression of one's empathy. 

He explained when we see someone being scared, we put ourselves in their shoes. 

He said such movies allow people to be brave in a controlled way. 

He said people worry for others' safety. He said horror has its beauty and benefits. He said it is fun to be scared. 

Mike Prefers Drama Horror Over Horror Movies

Mike said he loves creating tension in ten-hour-long episodes rather than 2-hour movies. 

He said it is tough to create scary stuff in television series but more fun than movies. 

Because of that reason, he prefers television. 

He said in movies, they start to create tension, and at the end, everything disappears, and he hates making people jump scare. 

He said jump scare things are cheap shots that break the movie's tension. 

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