Sheila Ebana – Meet Mother Of Lamine Yamal

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Sheila Ebana – Meet Mother Of Lamine Yamal

Sheila Ebana is the mother of Lamine Yamal. Lamine is a professional football player who plays as a right winger. 

He plays for La Liga club Barcelona and the Spain national team. Sheila is originally from Equatorial Guinean, a country in central Africa. 

She belongs to the Fang ethnic group and her ethnicity is Bantu. She follows the Muslim religion and is devoted to Islam. 

According to sources, she worked as a waitress at McDonald's.

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Sheila Ebana with her son Lamine Yamal
Sheila Ebana with her son Lamine Yamal. Source: Instagram

Who is Sheila married to?

Sheila Ebana was married to her husband, Mounir Nasraoui. Mounir is originally from Morocco and used to work as a building painter. 

They gave birth to their first child, a son, on July 13, 2007, and named him Lamine Yamal Nasraoui Ebana

Sadly Sheila and Mounir could not save their marriage and ended up getting a divorce when Lamine was three years old. 

They started co-parenting their son and Lamine used to go back and forth to live with his father at Mataro and with his mother in the neighborhoods of Roca del Valles which is very close to Granollers, a city to the North of Mataro

Sheila Ebana with her ex-husband and son Keyne
Sheila Ebana with her ex-husband and son Keyne. Source: Instagram

It seems like she has moved on in her life and found love again. She gave birth to her second child on September 6, 2022, and named him Keyne

She posted a picture of her children on September 9, 2022, on her Instagram where Lamine is holding his baby brother's hand with the caption,

Welcome tete 06/09/2022

Sheila Ebana children Keyne and Lamine Yamal.
Sheila Ebana children Keyne and Lamine Yamal. Source: Instagram

Lamine posted adorable Instagram stories with his baby brother. 

In one of the Instagram stories, he is holding his baby brother and in another, Keyne is asleep in the front seat of his car.

Sheila Ebana children Keyne and Lamine Yamal
Sheila Ebana children Keyne and Lamine Yamal. Source: Instagram

She gets afraid for her son

Lamine revealed that his mother gets afraid for him. 

During an interview after the match between Barcelona and Villarreal, he said his mother was afraid for him when he started but she supports him a lot. 

He further said that he will take advantage of every opportunity the manager gives him as he is not afraid. 

On September 13, 2023, she posted a series of pictures of herself in the stadium to watch her son play for the Spain national team with the caption,

Always with you

Sheila Ebana in the stadium wearing the jersey of Spain to support her son Lamine Yamal
Sheila Ebana in the stadium wearing the jersey of Spain to support her son Lamine Yamal. 

How did she help in building her son's career?

After the divorce, Sheila started working at a fast food chain to provide for her son. 

While working there, she met Inocente Diez who played a vital role in Lamine's career. 

Inocente used to work as a coordinator at La Torreta football club and encouraged Sheila to enroll Lamine in the club. 

Inocente said he could tell Lamine was special and it seemed like he was touched by a magic wand. 

Even when he went to live with his father, he would ask Inocente to pick him up and take him to training as his father was not able to accompany him to training as he didn’t have a car. 

On the way to the training, they would often talk and Inocente would tell him one day Barcelona would come and sign him but Lamine would say no, no. 

Inocente described him as a shy, well-reserved, sweet, humble, and charming boy who would always listen to his advice. 

He still goes to see him and is still in touch with his childhood friends and doesn’t show off. 

Sheila and Lamine moved to Barcelona when he was seven years old and he joined the youth team of Barcelona

On the weekends, she used to drive her son to Barcelona games. 

Her ex-husband defended their son

Lamine became a victim of a controversial comment made by a pundit. 

During the game between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain in Catalonia, the former goalkeeper, Mono Burgos, made a disgraceful comment about Lamine

He said if he doesn’t do well he could end up in a traffic light. 

This comment led to an uproar on social media and players from both teams even refused to do a post-match interview with the Movistar, a Spanish outlet. 

Her ex-husband, Mounir, took to Instagram to defend their son and uploaded an Instagram story that read 

Good morning world, I just ask you to respect other people's children. Thanks.

Movistar and Mono Burgos later issued an apology and made sure such an incident would not occur again. 

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