Who Is Sheila Krezwick? Sister Of Kevin Brennan

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Sheila Krezwick is the sister of comedian, writer, producer, and director Kevin Brennan. She is an educator at Massachusetts. Her parents are Catholic

She has nine siblings. She has a brother named Neil, a comedian, writer, producer, and director

Brother Married Life

Kevin is a married man. He has kept his personal life low-key and has not disclosed his wife's name. There are no details about his kids. 

Sheila Krezwick's brother, Kevin Brennan.
Sheila Krezwick's brother, Kevin Brennan. Source: Pinterest

Kevin Was Slammed For Making Fun Of Matthew Perry's Death

Matthew Perry was found dead at his LA home in a hot bathtub. 

When TMZ broke the news of his death, Kevin tweeted a funny caption related to Perry's death. 

After that, he got a backlash. When asked about it, he said he didn’t mock anyone and thought it was funny. 

One user asked him why he found someone drowning in the hot tub so funny. He replied that the tub was not very deep. 

He got negative criticism for his nasty remark. He continued to make fun and refused to back out and again tweeted that he was still trending. 


His brother Kevin is 63 years old

Net Worth

His brother Kevin's net worth is estimated to be $3 million

Kevin Recalled His First Stand-up

Kevin shared that two waitresses he worked with advised him to do stand-up comedy. 

Kevin at first thought that it was not a good idea as she was not an outgoing person naturally. 

One of the waitresses told him that she and her boyfriend often went to a comedy club near the airport in Chicago and asked him to perform his first gig there; he said he was nervous as he had never done stand-up before. 

He went to the stage, grabbed the mic, and started talking. He shared he was not nervous and was very calm on stage. 

After that, he moved to New York, and his career as a comedian took off.

Kevin Talked About Losing Against David Chappelle

Kevin participated in a star search contest and was beaten by David in 1992. At that time, Dave was just 19 years old. 

He said at that time, he knew he was good but never imagined that he would get paired up against Dave

He said his younger brother Neil was already friends with Dave, and he was ten years older than them and never thought of hanging out with them. 

Kevin Was Cut Out From Half Baked

Kevin was cut out from the 1998 comedy film Half Baked. His brother co-wrote the movie with Dave Chappelle

Kevin had a little scene in the movie, but it was cut out. He said his brother called him and told him about it. 

He added he thought he was funny and depressing at the same time. 

He said he was playing with being cut out as he had nothing serious to do and just had a small scene. 

He said he was happy he got paid for it, and his name was also mentioned in the credits. 

He said he didn’t care about it then as he got a TV action and sold many TV pilots. 

Kevin Didn't Quit From Saturday Night Live

Kevin was a writer for SNL. In an interview, he said he didn’t quit writing for SNL. Instead, he was fired from the job. 

Kevin shared he was hired to write about weekend updates. 

He said the last piece he did on SNL was not so good, and he also misread some lines. 

After that, he heard that they would not bring him back on the show, and it happened. 

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