Sheldon Streisand

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Sheldon Streisand

Sheldon Streisand is the brother of American singer, actress, and filmmaker Barbra Streisand.

He was born to Diana Streisand and Emmanuel Streisand. He has two sisters named Roslyn and Barbra. 

He is currently living in the USA. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Sheldon Streisand parents Diana Streisand and Emmanuel Streisand
Sheldon Streisand parents Diana Streisand and Emmanuel Streisand  Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Sheldon's Sister Barbra 

Barbra's first marriage was with Elliott Gould. The couple married on the year 1963. They had one child together. 

She ended her marriage with Elliott in 1971. She got married to James Brolin, an actor, producer, and director for the second time. 

They married in 1998 and are still together to date. They have happily completed more than two decades of their marriage life. 

They have no kids together.

Past Dating Life Of Barbra 

Barbra has been linked with many men between her first and second marriage. She has dated many well-known personalities. 

After ending her first marriage, she dated actors like Richard Gere and Clint Eastwood

She was also in a relationship with Lian Neeson, Jon Voight, and Peter Weller. But her dating life with those all-stars were for brief period of time.

Barbra Streisand with her husband James Brolin
Barbra Streisand with her husband James Brolin Source: Instagram 

About Barbra Streisand 

Barbra is an American singer, actress, and filmmaker born on April 24, 1942

Her full name is Barbara Joan Streisand, but professionally she is known by the name of Barbra

She was raised with her brother and sister in New York

Barbra started her music career in nightclubs but later became a singer. 

Besides her music career, she is also an actress who has shown her appearance in many TV shows.  

Barbra Streisand in her young days
Barbra Streisand in her young days  Source: Instagram


Barbra is 79 years old. Her height is 1.65m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Barbra is $400 Million. Her source of income comes as being a singer, actress, and filmmaker. 

Sheldon Streisand's Sister Still Has No Confident To Go In Stage

Sheldon's sister Barbra is undoubtedly is a brilliant singer

She has performed worldwide and always has rocked every show she performed. But she is still scared to go out in the crowd. 

In addition, she is not very confident about her voice. She always had fear about her voice and doesn't like the sound of her own voice..

Barbra Streisand Injured Herself While Massaging Robert De Niro

Barbra is undoubtedly a brilliant actress. 

Being one of the talented actress in the industry, she has worked with the finest actors in the industry, and one of them is Robert De Niro

She worked with Robert De Niro in the movie "Meet The Fockers." Barbra had to massage her co-actor, Robert

To make the scene more realistic, Robert asked Barbra to massage harder. While doing so, the actress got her fingers injured.

Barbra Apologized To The Victim Of Sexual Assault

Wade Robson and James Safechuck accused Michael Jackson, saying that he sexually assaulted them from the age of seven

They revealed it in a documentary. Although the brothers of Michael Jackson denied this rumor, Barbra seems to believe it. 

In addition, when she was asked about it, she said that even though Wade and James were molested in the past, their life is settled now. 

Not only that, she said that they are not killed; hence it is okay. 

She was criticized for saying and taking things like molestation in such a light manner. 

She also apologises for the statement she passed on and said that it was not what she meant. But what she said was not a great thing.

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