Who Is Shelley Considine? Wife Of Paddy Considine

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Who Is Shelley Considine? Wife Of Paddy Considine

Shelley Considine is a well-known celebrity wife of Paddy Considine

Her husband is a well-known actor, musician and director. Paddy is also a screenwriter and musician.

Shelley Considine's husband  Paddy Considine
Shelley Considine's husband,  Paddy Considine. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Shelley is happily married to Paddy Considine. They met each other when Paddy was just 18 years old

They tied a knot in 2002. They have been married for two decades. 

In an interview, Paddy said that he feels privileged to have met his wife. 

They are blessed with three children, and one of their son's name is Joseph Considine

Paddy Considine's son Joseph Considine
Paddy Considine's son Joseph Considine. Source: Instagram

Paddy Was Diagnosed With An Asperger And Irlen Syndrome

By the time Paddy was into his mid-30s, many things had caught up with him. 

He was diagnosed with having mild Asperger's syndrome, and then he discovered he had a condition named Irlen syndrome. 

Because of the Irlen syndrome, he has to wear glasses from time to time. 

He explained that it's a light sensitivity issue and how the brain processes the light. 

He revealed that he was living in quite a scary world, and he would go into a sort of situation like in supermarkets where all the visual information would make him panic. 

It was very overwhelming for him to cope with all that situations. 

He was struggling to establish eye contact with people. He was getting more and more withdrawn. For him, it was a difficult phase. 

But fortunately, he met the right people at the right time in his life who helped him in his recovery. 


Her husband, Paddy, is 48 years old.

Net Worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $4 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor, filmmaker and musician.

Shelley Considine with her husband Paddy Considine
Shelley Considine with her husband Paddy Considine Source: Pinterest

Paddy Co-Wrote Dead Man's Shoes With Director Shane Meadows

Paddy not only starred in Dead Man's Shoes, but he also co-wrote it with Shane

In an interview, Paddy said he met Shane when he was just 17 years old.

He worked with him on Romeo Brass when he turned 26. They were already friends. 

He revealed that he had acted for decades, but he felt that Shane was the only director with a voice in his films. 

He said he feels more creative in his movies. Shane is not just a friend to him. He is like a brother. 

One night they talked about the things that had happened in their communities. Those things have remained unnoticed. 

They talked about many horrible incidents that had occurred in the name of pleasure. 

They found it wrong not to talk about those things. They came up with an idea for Dead Man's Shoes. 

It was the base for the movie. They wrote the script in a few weeks. 

They did not have a great screenplay, but they had 60 pages of scenes, dialogues, and things they knitted together. 

They shot the movie in less than three weeks.

Lesser-Known Things About Paddy

Paddy is from a town named Burton upon Trent.

After he was diagnosed with Irlen syndrome, he started wearing purple Irlen filters, which helped him see properly. 

He debuted as a director in 2011. He has directed some famous music videos. 

He has collaborated with his friend Shane on many projects.

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