Who Is Shellie Pardi-Harrington? Mother Of Jon Pardi

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Who Is Shellie Pardi-Harrington? Mother Of Jon Pardi

Shellie Pardi-Harrington is the mother of singer and songwriter Jon Pardi. She is married to Jeffery Pardi

They have two kids altogether.

Shellie Pardi-Harrington with her son, Jon Pardi.
Shellie Pardi-Harrington with her son, Jon Pardi. Source: Facebook

How Did Jon Meet His Wife?

Jon is happily married to Summer Paardi. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend back in 2017

Summer shared that she played Cupid in their relationship as she was the one who gave him her number. 

When Jon came to her hometown to perform, he called her and invited her to the show. 

She was in Las Vegas when he called her, so he told her she would meet him next time, but Jon flew her to Denver next week. 

Summer was hesitant about meeting him for the first time, but they connected instantly on their first meeting. 

It was love at first sight for both of them. They welcomed their daughter in 2023.

Family of Jon Pardi.
Family of Jon Pardi. Source: Instagram


Jon is 38 years old. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He weighs around 86 kg.

Net Worth

Her son, Jon, has an estimated net worth of $8 million

Jon Talked About Being Parent

Jon shared his daughter was growing well, and his wife was hitting the gym to get back in shape. 

He added everyone was healthy and happy. 

He shared his wife is a bit of a psycho mom. 

He said his wife is strict, and he has turned into a kid himself. 

He mentioned she has made some rules for him, and he has not been drinking that much and is trying to be the best dad. 

Jon Revealed The Infection He Got

Jon said he was working on his vocals and trying to get healthy as he had been struggling with an infection for a long time. 

He said because of that infection, he had to learn many things. 

He shared he had a prostate infection, which was weird and scary at the same time. 

He joked when an old-school doctor checked on him. He asked him to straighten up. 

He said he was on antibiotics for 12 weeks. He shared he was peeing like a ninety-year-old. 

He mentioned he has a hard time in the bathroom. 

Jon Is All Excited For His Europe Tour

Jon postponed his Europe tour because of some reason. He posted about it on his social media. 

He said they have not canceled the show as they are going to the UK in April

He shared they have been waiting to go to the UK for a long time, and his fans have also been tremendous support and want him to come over there and play for them. 

He said he would make a video of himself getting on the plane and post it on his social media. 

Jon Talked About His Christmas Record

Jon dropped his Christmas record. 

He said his wife loves Christmas and gets excited about it from November.

He revealed they were sitting around and got the feeling of not having Christmas records when everyone around him was playing Christmas songs. 

He said they got a lot of opportunities to do stuff with Christmas records. So they decided to record the song. 

He and his band recorded the song together. They got together and jammed the songs. 

He mentioned the Christmas record is made out of a lot of love. 

He said they did cool stuff by doing honky tonk version of All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.

They have four originals and two standards in their record. 

They also did Winter Wonderland with Ray Charles's version.

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