Shelly Loraine

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Shelly Loraine

Shelly Loraine is the mother of an American singer, songwriter, and television personality, Christina Aguilera


She was married to a man named Fausto Xavier Aguilera in the year 1980. He was also born in Ecuador. He was the United States Army Soldier. 

Being married to an army made them move from city to city. 

They were living in different places such as New Jersey, Texas, New York, and Japan are some of the places that they resided. 

The couples’ permanent home was in Staten Island, New York

Shelly’s children

Shelly and her husband were blessed with three daughters. 

On December 18, 1980, she gave birth to the pair’s first child and named her Christina Maria. She is forty years old. 

After giving birth to their first daughter, the couple was blessed with another daughter named Rachel. She was born in 1986. She is thirty-four years old. 

She also has another daughter named Stephanie Aguilera.  

Shelly Loraine with her daughters Christina Aguilera and Rachel Aguilera
Shelly Loraine with her daughters Christina Aguilera and Rachel Aguilera. Source: Pinterest

Shelly’s broken marriage

Shelly and Fausto got a divorce in the year 1987. Shelly decided to end their seven years of marriage because of the constant abuse from her spouse. 

Her husband used to abuse her physically and mentally. She tolerated the abuse for quite a long time. Her husband used to beat their children too. 

Christina has talked about her childhood abuse in her song called Oh Mother, which was released in 2006 in her fifth studio album called Back to Basics

After getting a divorce, she took her three daughters and moved to a different place. She raised her three daughters alone by herself. 

Shelly’ second marriage

After getting a divorce, Shelly decided to start a new family. She got married to a man named Jim Kearns. Their wedding was held in the year 1991

She changed her surname from Aguilera to Kearns after her separation from her first spouse. 

Shelly gave birth to their baby son and named him Mikey Kearns. He was born in the year 1996. He is twenty-five years old. 

Shelly Loraine with her husband Jim Kearns and their kids
Shelly Loraine with her husband Jim Kearns and their kids. Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

The income source of Shelly has not been disclosed. 

However, the average income of a music teacher in a school is twenty-five thousand dollars to eighty-five thousand dollars a year. 

The net worth of her daughter, Christina, is $160 million.

Age, height, and weight

Shelly is sixty-one years old. Her nationality is American. She is five feet one inch tall. Her weight is seventy kilograms. Her religion is Christianity. 

A grandmother

Shelly is a grandmother of two grandchildren. She has a grandson named Max Liron Bratman. He was born on January 12, 2008

He is the son of Christina and Jordan Bratman. Max is thirteen years old. 

Shelly is blessed with a granddaughter named Summer Rain Rutler. She was born on August 16, 2014. She is seven years old. 

She is the daughter of Christina and Mathew Rulter, who is a backstage worker. 

More about Shelly

Shelly’s full name is Shelly Loraine Kearns. She was born on March 23, 1960. She was brought up and raised in Rochester, Pennsylvania, USA. She was a musician. 

She is also a retired teacher who taught music in school. Her mother’s name was Delcie Fidler. Her father’s name was Lowell Fidler

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