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Shelly Lowe is the mother of an American actor, Charlie Heaton. Shelly was married to Crispy Heaton, who is a musician

Shelly has two children, one son and one daughter, with her husband. 

Shelly herself was a member of the National Human Rights Council. She is an American by her nationality.

Relationship Status Of Charlie Heaton

Charlie dated Akiko Matsuura previously. Akiko was a Japanese drummer and vocalist. 

They met each other at a party of their friend. 

They both also performed together at a band performance. After that, they fell in love with one another. 

They dated for two years that is from 2012-2014. Akiko and Charlie kept their relationship within themselves only. 

While they were in a relationship, they had a son. They ended their relationship after their son was born.

After that, Charlie got into a relationship with Natalia Dyer

They met for the first time on the set of famous series named Stranger Things, where they played the role of the onscreen couple. 

Soon they both started dating in real life too. Charlie and Natalia started dating from season 2 of the series Stranger things

Charlie initially kept his relationship with Natalia private as he didn't want to ruin it. 

Before announcing their relationship in public, fans doubted them as a real-life couple as they had attended many award functions and events together. 

They started dating in 2016, but they officially opened up about their relationship in 2019.  

As of today, they both are still dating. 

Charlie with his girlfriend, Natalia
Charlie with his girlfriend, Natalia  Source: Instagram 

About Charlie Heaton

Charlie is an American actor and musician born on 6 February 1994. 

He was the son of Shelly Lowe and Crispy Heaton. His mother raised him with his sister named Levi Heaton

At the age of 16, Charlie joined a band in London. After that, he started his acting career. Firstly, he played in a short movie. 

After that, he started to appear in drama and series. After that, he appeared in the famous series Stranger Things

He is well known for he his role as Jonathan Byers in that series. He became very popular through that role. 

After that, he started doing movies. His performance in Stranger Things made him the Screen Actors Guild Awards winner. 

Charlie with his car
Charlie with his car  Source: Instagram 


Charlie is 27 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Charlie is $3 Million. His source of income is acting and music. 

His earning was estimated to be $250k per episode in Stranger Things.  

Charlie Heaton Drugs Charges

In 2017, Charlie was found with some drug, i.e., cocaine, in the airport. 

While Charlie was getting his luggage checked in Los Angeles airport, cops found cocaine in it. 

The cops quickly took him under their custody and detained him for his illegal actions. 

As he was caught with drugs, the cops didn't allow him to leave that place. 

At first, he was unaware of his mistake and thought it would be solved. 

But that incident became a huge issue that was beyond his imagination. 

The media took over the news making it a huge issue. 

His family also received his news, and the media asked them many questions, which was unanswerable by them. 

That reason made him miss the premiere of his series, Stranger Things. 

He thought he would lose everything and thought that his career would end as he wouldn't be cast anymore in the series. 

But later, he was released by the cops and he started his shooting. Slowly his allegation scandal vanished, and his life became normal as before.

He wasn't arrested or charged for any crime.

Does Charlie Have A Child?

Charlie, who earned huge fame after his role in Stranger Things, has many things kept private. 

Before getting popular, Charlie had a relationship with a Japanese woman named Akiko Matsuura

He had kept his past relationship out of the spotlight. 

It was shocking for his entire fan after knowing that he had a child who was three years old back in 2017. 

As he was so young and dating Natalia, nobody imagined that he could have a kid. 

This truth of him came as news among his fan only when the media showed concern about him. 

Later found out that he has a son with his previous girlfriend, Akiko. They have named his son Archie Heaton

He was born in 2014. As of today, his son is currently being raised by his mother and Charlie being a father, maintains a friendly relation with his ex for the sake of his son.

Charlie Heaton Connected To The Character And Did A Movie

Charlie was looking for a new type of movie to explore and bring the best out of him. 

At the same time, he saw a script in his message, and the script was of the movie "No Future.

It was a script about addicted persons and their healing period. 

He was given the role of the addicted boy with which he connected so much. 

He immediately signed for the movie. He said that everyone is addicted, someone or something people are addicted to. 

He felt like it was one part of his life story and loved the idea of the movie. 

He worked well in the movie's chemistry, with his costar also looking nice despite their age gap.

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