Who Is Sherrill Sajak? Ex-Wife Of Pat Sajak

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Who Is Sherrill Sajak? Ex-Wife Of Pat Sajak

Sherill Sajak is the ex-wife of television personality Pat Sajak who is best known as the host of the game show Wheel of Fortune

Sherrill was born during World War II in 1940. She met Pat in Tennessee in 1978. He was her next-to-door neighbor. 

They got married in 1979. Three years after their marriage, Pat became the host of Wheel and Fortune and gained fame and money from that show. 

However, their marriage ended after seven years in 1986. They do not have kids together.

Who Is Pat's Current Spouse?

Pat is happily married to Leslie Brown. His wife is a former model and actress. They have been married since 1989

They met each other in 1988 through a mutual friend. First, they became friends, and later their relationship blossomed into a romantic relationship. 

They share two kids, a daughter, and a son. His daughter is a country singer, and his son is a doctor. 

Pat Sajak with his wife.
Pat Sajak with his wife. Source: Pinterest


His ex-husband Pat is 76 years old

Net Worth

His ex-husband Pat's net worth is estimated to be $75 million

Pat Sajak with his daughter.
Pat Sajak with his daughter. Source: Instagram

Pat Is Retiring As A Host From Wheel Of Fortune

Pat has been hosting the show since 1981. He has been the host of the show for more than four decades. 

Through his Twitter, he announced that his 41st season of the show would be his last season on the show. 

The season will begin in September. However, he will be a consultant for the show for three years after retiring from the front. 

There are no details on who will be the show's new host. 

Pat Talked About His Near-Death Experience

In 2019, Pat felt unbearable pain and was wheeled into emergency surgery. 

In an interview, he said that he took a morning walk with his daughter like other days and came back home and got ready for work, and all of a sudden, he had horrific pain in his stomach. 

He didn’t know what happened to him. Two and a half hours later, he was taken for surgery. 

He has an intestinal blockage. He said the pain was so intense that none of the drugs worked to ease his pain. 

He said they gave one drug to him, and after that, he didn't feel his pain. Instead, he saw beautiful pastels and faces in front of him. 

He felt like his wife and daughter, who were beside him, were miles apart. At that moment, he thought that it must be what death feels like. 

He said he was not heartbroken that he was going to die. 

He was sad for his wife and kids, thinking their lives would change dramatically after his death. 

He felt terrible for them as they had to deal with such a thing. Fortunately, he was high on medicine, and that was his imagination. 

His surgery was ultimately successful. He didn’t have any complications after the surgery. 

Pat Talked About Being Out From The Show For Months

Because of the surgery, Pat was off as the host for almost a month. 

He said that in his forty years of working with the show, he had never missed one, so it was extraordinary. 

He said that it felt weird with the fact that the show was running without him. He said it was troubling for him to stay away from the front. 

Vann Trouper hosted the show on behalf of him. He said she was a team player and did a pretty good job.

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