Who Is Sherry Reum? Mother Of Carter Reum

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Who Is Sherry Reum? Mother Of Carter Reum

Sherry Reum is the mother of American author, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Carter Reum. 

Sherry was married to her Robert Reum, but sadly, his death in 2017 separated them. 

She shared three children with her late husband. She follows Christianity. She is an American citizen

Sherry Reum with her children.
Sherry Reum with her children. Source: Instagram

About Sherry's Son Carter 

Carter is an s an author, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He is known for founding the investing firm M13 Ventures

He was born in 1981 and has his birthday on Feb 5

His parents raised him with his two siblings, Courtney Reum and Halle Reum

Married Life Of Carter 

Carter is now a married man. He is married to Paris Hilton, an American businesswoman, Media personality, and model. 

The couple got married in 2021, and now they are parents of a son. 

They welcome their son in January 2023 through surrogacy.

Carter and Paris met each other through their familiar friend. 

They have known each other for a long time, but they started dating in 2019. Two years after dating, they got engaged. 

Carter Reum with his wife.
Carter Reum with his wife. Source: Instagram

Does Carter Have A Secret Baby?

Carter and his current wife, Paris, welcomed their first baby this year. But it's not Carter's first child. 

The thing is, Carter is already a father to a daughter. He has a daughter with a woman named Laura Bellizzi, a reality TV star.  

Carter never talked about his relationship with Laura and his daughter, Still, later, it was known that Carter took the financial responsibility for Laura's daughter, which made it clear that he was the father of Laura's daughter. 

Carter has only seen his daughter once since her birth. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Carter is 42 years old. He has a net worth of $40 Million.

Sherry Reum with her son, Courtney Reum.
Sherry Reum with her son, Courtney Reum. Source: Instagram

Carter Wants Paris To Change Her Surname

Carter and Paris got married, and their marriage looked perfect. 

They were deeply in love with one another and had to sign officially as husband and wife. 

During the same process, Paris was asked whether she would change her last name to Reum

Carter wanted Paris to change her last name to Reum, but Paris wished to keep her word to herself. 

Carter did try to convince Paris, saying that their future kids would get confused calling him and her by different names, so to avoid the confusion, it was better for Paris to change her surname. 

But Paris wanted to keep her name and carry on her family name legacy. 

She didn't want to break Carter's expectations and didn't want Carter to be sad. But still, she was not ready to change her last name.

Is Carter A Toxic Guy?

Paris Hilton and Carter had one of the brilliant marriage ceremonies, which showed their great love for each other. 

Their marriage was broadcast as a series of episodes showing everything about their wedding. 

At first, they were loved by everyone. People thought that Carter was a gentleman. 

People saw how caring and loving he was, and his way of showing respect won many hearts. 

But after some episodes passed by, people became more judgmental. 

They saw that Carter was emotionally and mentally manipulating Paris in every way possible. 

It was seen that Paris got into a humiliating situation because of Carter

People even said that Carter was a toxic man and their marriage would not last long. 

Fortunately, their marriage is still happily on the run to date.

Carter Thinks Paris Is Unfair

Carter and Paris talked about their future kids and the things that they were going to provide for their kids. 

Paris said that she would not make mobile phones or social media ruin her children. 

She expressed that she would make her kid so much fun in the real world that they would not need mobile phones as a kid. 

She also said she didn't want her daughter to be a social media influencer as the world has been full of toxic things. 

But Carter said that Paris was unfair. According to Carter, Paris belongs to the media influence industry, so her saying that was a bit unfair.

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