Who Is Shireen Jamil? Mother Of Jameela Jamil

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Who Is Shireen Jamil? Mother Of Jameela Jamil

Shireen Jamil is the mother of English actress, activist and presenter Jameela Jamil

Her ex-husband name is Ali Jamil. Shireen and Ali are the parents of two children. 

She is a former model and activist. She is an English citizen.

Shireen Jamil in her young days'
Shireen Jamil in her young days' Source: Twitter

Married Life Of Jameela 

Jameela is not married. But she is in a relationship with musician and singer James Blake

They reveal their relationship in 2015

They both started living together soon after they exchanged their first kiss. 

James was searching for a place to stay at that time, and until he found a house to stay in, he was staying with Jameela. 

But they realized that they were happy together and they hence decided to live together. 

It has been more than half a decade of togetherness.

Jameela Is Bad At Sex

Jameela has been in a relationship with James for seven years, and he revealed that Jameela has the habit of cracking jokes while having sex, and it is not good as it sounds. 

She cracks jokes that are not that funny, according to James

Moreover, Jameela also revealed that her previous three partners also said that she was not good at sex. 

Her former partners compared her to a foam mattress after sleeping with her.

Although she is bad at sex, her big boobs are enough for sex.

Jameela Jamil with her boyfriend James Blake
Jameela Jamil with her boyfriend James Blake Source: Instagram


Jameela's age is 36 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jameela is $5 Million. Her main source of income comes as being an actress, activist and presenter.

Jameela Got Holes In Digestive System

Jameela was 21 years old when she faced a horrible accident. She was mercury poisoned at that age. 

She had gone through amalgam teeth filling at that time. But mercury started leaking from it. 

Moreover, the amalgam fillings were not properly removed, which caused mercury poisoning. 

Due to this, the mercury made holes in her digestive system.

Shireen Jamil's daughter Jameela Jamil
Shireen Jamil's daughter Jameela Jamil Source: Instagram

Jameela Felt Lonely As A Teen

Jameela was asked about loneliness in one of the Interviews as she is an activist and talks about different things. 

As loneliness is quite scary, Jameela told about her experience with loneliness. 

She told that she was alone in her teenage. 

She had no friends until she was nineteen, and she had not had her first kiss until she was in her 20s.

She told that everyone goes through loneliness, and she is one of them. 

It is all okay to be lonely, as many people are lonely in some phase of their life.

Jameela Was Bullied As A Child

Jameela revealed in an interview that she was bullied throughout her childhood. 

She was just 6 years old when it all started. She was bullied at her school. 

At a certain time, she even left her studies due to bullies. She was too traumatized that it felt like a prison for her. 

She was once even bullied in her house by her bully classmates. 

She is now a role model as she is mental health activist. 

But back then, she had no one to talk to. 

She was all by herself, and she regrets her past as she never told anyone about her situation and didn’t let anyone help her.

Jameela Says Culture Is Bad

Jameela had suffered from an eating disorder as a child. 

She had a fat body, and as she was influenced by the surrounding around her and people’s thinking around her, she hated her body for a long time. 

To decrease her weight, she skipped her meal for 3 years. She didn’t have mensuration during those years. 

She was just 14 at that time. But she fell into a car accident at 17, where she broke her back. 

At that time, she realized that there was nothing wrong with her body, and she accepted the way she was. 

Even now, in some magazines and photoshoots, she is shown white and perfect. 

Her photo is edited so that the culture of models and their looks can be met. 

She hates it, and it is bad for her mental health.

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