Shirley Powe- Tragedy Of Jerrell Powe Mother

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Shirley Powe- Tragedy Of Jerrell Powe Mother

Shirley Powe is the mother of American former football nose tackle Jerrell Powe. 

About Shirley’s Son Jerrell   

Jerrell is a former football nose tackle. He used to play for Kansas City Chiefs

He was born in the year 1987 in Buckatunna, Mississippi. He played football during his college days for Ole Miss

He took retirement from football in 2017

Shirley Powe's son, Jerrell Powe.
Shirley Powe's son, Jerrell Powe. Source: Nashville Noticias

Who Is Jerrell Married To?

Jerrell is a private person when it comes to his personal life. He has successfully managed to keep his life away from the spotlight, and it's unknown if he is single, married, or dating anyone. 

Jerrell has a son who is eight years old named Jayce Londen-Keith Powe.

He is also on Instagram by the username @jerrell_powe57.

Jerrell Powe with his son.
Jerrell Powe with his son. Source: Twitter

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Jerrell is 35 years old. The net worth of Jerrell is $5 Million.

Shirley Said Her Son Cannot Read

Shirley’s son Jerrell had some problems with NCAA, and things turned dirty after the NCAA made fake statements about Jerrell. 

The statement also included the words said by Shirley, according to NCAA

It said that Shirley said Jerrell didn’t even know how to read. But Jerrell revealed that it was all fake. 

He didn’t keep on raising his voice but proved NCAA wrong with his actions. 

He successfully graduated and held a degree in his name, shutting down NCAA’s mouth for good. He also posted his graduation photo with his mother on Twitter.

Shirley Powe with her son, Jerrell Powe.
Shirley Powe with her son, Jerrell Powe. Source: Twitter

Jerrell Was Chased And Arrested

In January of 2023, former NFL star Jerrell got arrested for the serious charge of kidnapping. 

He was not the only one taken into custody by the police. With him, a man named Gavin Bates was also arrested. 

Both of them were caught by police after a long chase of more than 100 miles. They were trying to get away from the police, according to the police but were unsuccessful after they were arrested in Mississippi. 

The victim of this entire incident confessed to the police that Jerrell and Gavin not just kidnapped him against his will but also forced him to take his money out of his account. 

The case is now in the hand of the court, and the decision is still pending. But as the police caught them in a chase red-handed, it is possible for them to be guilty.

Jerrell's Comeback Was Shocking

Jerrell was at his high time in football during his senior year at Wayne County High School as he was making records in the school. 

He was one of the best in the game. But to make his NFL dream come true, he had to go to another school granted by NCAA, so he chose Ole Miss to continue his football journey and education. 

But as he missed some essential classes because of personal reasons in Wayne County H.S., he was not permitted by NCAA to join the Ole Miss School

He then had to spend a year at Hargrave Military Academy. But from that school as well, he was removed by NCAA

After that, he tried for Penn Foster Career School, and the NCAA story repeated. 

Finally, he could join his preference, Ole Miss School, but he was not allowed to play or practice. 

Fortunately, he proved himself and overcame his failure when he was given some opportunity. He showed his potential in the few chances he was provided and made a name for himself.

Jerrell Had Problems With Reading And Writing

Jerrell was in high school when he was tutored by a teacher named Crager.

In the first class with Crager, she realized that there was a problem going on with Jerrell.

She figured out that Jarrell had an unusual discomfort in reading and writing.  

She then figured that he was having some Dyslexia. So, the teacher took him to a mental health counselor. 

There he was diagnosed with a disorder named Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which makes it difficult to study in groups. 

Hence, he was separately taught by Crager. She described Jerrell as a brilliant and hardworking student.

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